Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorist Aakef Zaki Shot Dead in Daraa Countryside

NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorist and former FSA commander Aakef Zaki killed in the town of Eastern Karak in the eastern countryside of Daraa.

NATO terrorist Aakef Zaki killed in Daraa

The terrorist was shot dead in front of his house as he was leaving by unknown gunmen, he was the top wanted terrorist by the Syrian law enforcement authorities for a series of crimes and terrorist attacks that left dozens of people killed and injured including his own former FSA colleagues who surrendered to the SAA and joined the reconciliation after their defeat.

A number of ISIS-affiliated terrorist groups who refused to join the reconciliation created cells in the southern regions of Syria taking advantage of the protection provided to them by the Trump forces illegally positioned in the Tanf border area where the Trump forces and their ISIS-affiliated proxies hold thousands of Syrian refugees against their will in the infamous Rukban concentration camp in the depth of the Syrian desert.

There were at least 34 terrorist attacks in the southern region post the reconciliation, they included the assassination of 24 persons, wounding of 8 others, two failed assassination attempts targeting 18 former FSA fighters who joined the reconciliation. The terrorists shot dead 22 of the targeted victims while committed field execution of two others who were shot after being kidnapped.

Details in this report: FSA Terrorist Aakef Zaki Killed by Unknown Gunmen in Daraa Countryside.

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