Sunday, December 6, 2020

5000 New Affordable Apartments in Damascus Despite Terror and Sanctions

The Syrians are defying logic in all aspects, despite the crippling sanctions by the USA and its European minions, and its regional stooges and despite the unprecedented terror by the largest army of terrorists in the world, the Syrian people never stopped building.

Marota City - Damascus مشروع ماروتا سيتي - دمشق

5,000 new apartments in a housing project in Damascus, 26,000 new apartments in another, over 50,000 affordable units delivered during the years of war, you should raise your hat in respect to the resilience of the people of the oldest continuous civilization in the world.

The latest project will replace ailing houses in western Damascus with new modern buildings, the owners of the old houses will be given new units suitable to their contribution, and the rest will be sold in installments for up to 25 years at near cost price.

Another project is just to the south of Damascus with a large capacity due to its open-ended borders.

Details in this report: Building Despite Terror and Sanctions: 5000 New Apartments in Damascus.

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