Saturday, December 5, 2020

ISIS Terrorist Detained and Sentenced in Budapest, Hungary

A former ISIS terrorist was sentenced to life in prison by a court in Budapest, he was arrested in a camp for the refugees in the European country.

ISIS Terrorist Hassan F in Budapest Hungary sentenced to life in

The defendant Hassan F. was arrested by the Hungarian authorities and tried in a court in Hungary for crimes he was complicit in committed in the Syrian central province of Homs in 2015 one of which was a beheading.

Hungarian authorities were about to expel the terrorist after being detained for previous crimes in the country including using forged travel documents and human trafficking.

Belgian authorities with their direct links to terrorists they're training in Syria on the use of chemical weapons notified their Hungarian counterparts about the history of the defendant who maintains his innocence of all charges and his defense team are appealing the recent sentence on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

Details in this report: Former ISIS Terrorist Now Refugee Sentenced to Life in Prison in Hungary.

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