Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Why News from Syria not Filling Western MSM? Has the Fighting Stopped?

 Whoever thinks the western mainstream media report actual news is hugely mistaken, they create the news or promote the Pentagon news, any other news is not their concern if it doesn't serve their agenda.

Remember the days when the news from Syria was in each news bulletin and on each headline of every western mainstream media outlet? What happened lately, has the US-led war of terror against the Syrian people stopped? Why it's no longer in the news?

Those are interesting questions, in this context, one member of Quora, the wiki Q & A social platform asked this question:
Has fighting stopped in Syria?

As usual, I'm copying my reply here to preserve it from Quora's heavy censorship and also to share the information with the readers of this platform, this is my reply there:

No, the fighting didn’t stop in Syria, on the contrary, it’s going on every day on many fronts. Terror attacks as well, especially in the southern province of Daraa and under the protection of the US illegal military base in Tanf. In the northeastern provinces of Hasakah, Der Ezzor, and Raqqa, the civilians are attacked by Turkish-backed Al Qaeda assorted terrorist groups and by the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist SDF militia.

Above picture of ISIS re-emerging in the northern Syrian city of Ras Al-Ayn under the protection of the Turkish army.

In the northwest, the fighting never stopped, especially in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, sometimes in the northern countryside of Hama, Turkish-sponsored Nusra Front (aka Al Qaeda Levant or HTS) continues its attacks against the Syrian Army and against other Turkey-sponsored terrorist groups who compete on land control and bounties.

You’re not hearing about it in the media because the Syrian Army is giving the last chance to Russia’s efforts to convince Erdogan to withdraw his forces of the Turkish army and his al Qaeda mercenaries, the efforts are achieving very slow results like the Erdogan forces withdrawing from the illegal military post in Morek end of last month, and starting to dismantle other illegal posts, also the Russian and Syrian striking of terrorist groups like the killing and injuring of about 180 Turkish-sponsored Faylaq Al-Sham al Qaeda affiliated terrorist group in northwestern Idlib, also the end of last month.

Then you have the Israeli bombing in different parts of Syria, taking advantage of the country’s enormous suffering facing the challenges of the US and Turkish military aggression, the tens of thousands of armed terrorists and the measures to face COVID 19 and also the US and EU sanctions, the latest Israeli bombing was against an elementary school on October 21st in the southern province of Quneitra.

Meanwhile, Trump forces continue looting Syria’s oil smuggling the stolen oil into areas they still occupy in neighboring Iraq.

So, basically, the fighting didn’t stop, only western media attention is diverted elsewhere but that also will change once the Syrian Army loses all patience with Erdogan and resumes the military operations to clean northern Syria from foreign occupation, then you’ll see all the western media focus again on Syria with reports of chemical attacks and such other fabrications to impede the SAA’s military operation.

End of my reply on Quora.

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