Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Israel Wasted Millions of US Taxpayers Dollars to Confirm a Hezb Allah Statement

Millions of US taxpayers' dollars were wasted over a period of 3 decades just to finally prove what the Lebanese Resistance Hezb Allah movement already stated, more than once.

The money was wasted in a fruitless search of the fate of Ron Arad, an Israeli terrorist of the IDF cross-border mercenaries, his plane was shot down over south of Lebanon when he was bombing southern Lebanese villages in 1986.

Israel insisted that its terrorist pilot was moved to Iran and carried out an extensive military and covert intelligence operation to prove its own assumptions, its formidable foe, the Lebanese Hezb Allah already stated that the terrorist died and his body is not found, yet the Israelis continued.

Why wouldn't they? They enjoy the cover of a number of western governments who allow them to use the passports of their own citizens when carrying out criminal activities on foreign lands.

The Israelis also do not foot the bills, it's the US taxpayers who pay for their activities of all sorts from the smallest spying ones to the military bombing of other countries using US-provided warplanes and different advanced weapons, and they keep asking for more.

Details about this latest story unfolding in this report: Ron Arad is Dead, Israel Spent Millions of US Dollars to Confirm a Hezb Allah Statement.

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