Monday, November 2, 2020

Erdogan Forces Bomb a Syrian Northern City with Artillery

 Ain Issa, the northern Syrian city, was bombed for the second time within 10 days with artillery shells by terrorists operating under the command of the Turkish madman Erdogan.

The bombing left considerable material damage in the outskirts of the city as per local sources, the terrorists were shelling the city from their bases under the protection of NATO's second-largest army the Turkish Army.

Erdogan is trying to Israelize a large area in northern Syria to bring in families of terrorists loyal to him from other regions in Syria and from other countries including from the Chinese Uighur communities, he cannot deal with tens of thousands of terrorists and their families he worked hard in the past 9.5 years to bring into Syria from all sides of the planet where his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood members were able to penetrate.

In addition to the bombing of the city in northern Raqqa, other Erdogan forces were busy stealing Syrian old olive trees from Afrin in the northwestern part of Syria.

Details in this report: Erdogan Terrorists Bombed the Outskirts of Ain Issa with Artillery.

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