Saturday, November 7, 2020

Syria Rehabilitated a Massive Network of Railway under Sanctions and Terror

183 kilometers of railroads, 53 bridges, and 7 main stations have been rehabilitated and maintained by the Syrian Railways Corporation, a public company, and the network in the central Syrian province of Hama is now back to work serving both cargo and passengers.

This is very important taking into consideration the country is under complete strangling sanctions and blockade imposed on it by the USA, the EU, and a host of their regional and international allies, and the workers are working under terrorist threats, it also comes after 9.5 years of continuous non-stop fighting against tens of thousands of terrorists from Al Qaeda and its anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood offshoots of ISIS and Nusra Front, the worse group of terrorists on the planet.

Syria's presumed allies are not offering the aid needed and supposed to, also taking into consideration that Syria fought on behalf of them all these years, otherwise, the next step of NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists would be Russia, China, and Iran, among others.

Details about this accomplishment in this report - do visit it as this helps me continue working: Syria Railways Rehabilitate 183 Kms of Railroad and 53 Bridges in Hama.

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