Thursday, November 5, 2020

Kurdish SDF Landmine Explosion Kills Two Syrian Children

A landmine explosion killed two Syrian children in the countryside of Der Ezzor, in the north of Syria, the landmine was planted by the US-sponsored Kurdish separatist SDF armed militia.

The explosion occurred in the vicinity of the Izbah town, north of the northern countryside of Der Ezzor, the separatist militia planted the mines around their illegal military posts all over northern Syria regions.

NATO agents of the Kurdish separatists and Al Qaeda offshoots of ISIS and Nusra Front planted all the regions they infested with thousands of landmines to continue to kill Syrians and maim them long after they're defeated or recycled by their handlers to other regions to terrorize.

Most of the victims of the landmines are the children and farmers returning to their farms in rural areas.

More in this report: Two Children Killed in a Landmine Explosion in Der Ezzor Countryside.

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