Thursday, November 5, 2020

Syrian President Assad Accuses Lebanon of Stealing 21 Billion Dollars from Syrian Depositors

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad accused the Lebanese banking system of stealing between 20 and 42 billion US dollars from Syrian depositors last year.

President Assad explained how the Lebanese banking system held the deposits moved from Syria to Lebanon and prevented the account holders from accessing their own accounts based on instructions from the USA.

The USA is leading a War Of Terror against the Syrian people since 2011 officially, and since mid last century unofficially, in order to create the 'Greater Israel' for anti-Jewish radical Zionist settlers.

The Syrian President's remarks come at the time of the height of the US 'maximum pressure' against the Syrian people by ways of stealing Syrian oil, burning wheat farms in northeast Syria, and supporting terror and separatist groups.

Details in this post: Lebanon Stole at Least US 21 Billion Dollars from Syrian Depositors – President Assad - video included.

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