Sunday, November 8, 2020

Syria will Liberate the Golan in all Means and Methods

The essence of upholding international law and the United Nations Charter in regard to occupied territories by the Syrian government is a sign that the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan will not last long, and it will remain a top priority for the Syrian government and the Syrian people however the current occupation lasts.

Israel wouldn't be able to hold on to the occupied Syrian and Palestinian lands without the complete support and protection from the United States of America, the world's superpower whose officials compete to please Israel in order to reach and remain in power in their country.

Syria, however, will not let its occupied land continue under occupation and will exert all efforts whether legal by the international law, diplomatic, supporting the resistance to occupation, and by a direct military operation when needed.

This is one of the fronts Syria is facing the US occupation of the Syrian Golan through Israel.

More in this report: Amb. Jaafari Slams US Support for Illegal Israeli Occupation of the Golan - video included.

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