Thursday, April 23, 2020

Trump and Erdogan War Crimes Increase COVID-19 Risk in Syria

That the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks physical, social, and economic havoc in the US and Turkey, unindicted criminals Trump and Erdogan continue their military aggression against Syria, increasing the risk of contagion in the Levantine republic which to date has prevented an epidemic, via testing, quarantine, and border closures.

On Wednesday, the Trump regime forces — American illegals — invaded Syria with another huge convoy of 50 military vehicles from the illegitimate crossing of al Walid, from Iraq, into Qamishli city, which is in Syria, which is not a part of the USA.
At the same time, illegal American military aircraft illegally landed in the Military Airport in Kharab al Jeer, which is also in Syria, which is not the... Continue reading:

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