Tuesday, November 20, 2012

UK Foreign Minister Contempt British House of Commons

To be hypocrite in foreign policy is something but to be hypocrite with your own parliament members you must be William Hague.

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague addresses an elected parliament at his home country by saying "the government of her Majesty has decided to recognize the national coalition of Syrian revolution and opposition forces as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people"; where the coalition he referred to was never elected by the Syrian people rather appointed by NATO with the government of her Majesty the queen of England as an active member in appointing its members.

Just one day after the real active forces on the ground in Syria, ironically also agents of NATO including the UK itself rejected in a statement read by at least 13 Al Qaeda affiliated groups the same coalition Mr. Hague's government is recognizing today. So what does the western self-appointed international community, self-appointed rulers of the world want in Syria?

Our best guess is they're trying to gain some virtual leverage after their agents on the ground sustained heavy losses in each battle they fought against the Syrian Army and failed over 20 months to win the hearts and support of the Syrian people to the extent they had to show their real faces in the statement aforementioned. 

How similar is the history with today, in the same month of November but 95 years ago, the government of her majesty made the biggest crime against humanity registered in history till date by issuing a promise to the Zionist Jewry back then to establish a nation for the Jews in Palestine under 'Great Britain then' occupation causing massacres, replacement of its historical people with settlers from all over the world, with a suffering the world suffer till this very day as we witness the massacres in Gaza today. However, this time, Syria is not under their or any other colonial power occupation, and is leading the anti-imperialist movement in the world being the land of the great struggle between the New World Order pushers and resisters. 

This step by the UK might be praised by the naive, but how much does it value on ground and in politics? It's worth mentioning that the majority of the appointed members of this same coalition formed in Doha, Qatar hold western citizenship, thus sworn to serve the interests of the countries they received their new passports from, in other words, they're spies and agents against the national state they claim they want to serve, Syria. It won't work, and the first step of denouncing it by the same fighters on the ground terrorizing civilians and carrying attacks against the Syrian Army and Policemen should have been a good indication to those who read politics well, but seems the western colonial powers have no other choice than to continue in their evil plot: the New World Order and they cannot afford losing in Syria, which would lead to the collapse of their entire projects they spent tens of billions of Dollars & Euros for and can't wait another 30 years at least to be able to revive it. Their economies are collapsing and they need a stray to hold on before drowning.

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