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Misleading Media on Syria - Shaping Public Opinion - 9

Under the title: Misleading Media on Syria - Shaping Public Opinion, I aim to post a few examples of how the NATO aligned mainstream media is used to systematically shape public opinion by fabricating, misleading, dis-informing and deliberately manipulating in order to further the goal of theirs paymasters.

I endeavor to show irrefutable evidence of incidents that occurred while the NATO media was playing a huge role in demonizing the Syrian state, its army, its police & security forces, even normal people who just didn't support the NATO imposed 'spontaneous public uprising' on them. These examples, aired by media channels based inside Syria, have caused these channels to be banned by the same parties preaching Syrians 'democracy' & 'free speech'. On December 05, 2011 the European Union ministers of foreign affairs convened to come up with a decision that will stain their foreign policy & label them hypocrites forever. They decided to ban a number of Syrian based channels, namely Addounia  the privately owned satellite channel, Champress a privately owned website & Al Watan Newspaper a privately owned newspaper. And not surprisingly the Arab League, (a formation representing the governments of the Arab World, with the exception of Syria) issued an order on September 05, 2012 to 2 satellite management companies, Nilesat & Arabsat, sponsored by the League, to take down Syrian State satellite TV, Syria News another state owned satellite channel & Addounia TV the privately owned channel from air, for no publicly stated logical reason. But perhaps this is the real reason:

Exhibit no. 9: Public opinion VS Imperialists 
Air Raids or Terrorist Damage 

Allegedly by an air raid (FB link: http://me.lt/9P7MIT)
Did you see an aftermath of an air raid? The above picture re-distributed by NATO propaganda media confirms the rubble appearing are the result of 'Assad Aircraft passing by'. In a previous post we have mentioned from where the 'Assad forces' has come and was being used systematically since the beginning of the crisis just like how the same NATO propaganda media called the former Libyan army: Gaddafi Brigades. Here's the link of the post titled: Syrians Adore Their Syrian Arab Army so you can figure out from where the name 'Assad Forces' came, and in this case 'Assad Aircraft'.

I think I should tell that the same picture was originally posted 10 hours earlier than the time re-shared by the Facebook user 'Omar Al Khattab' from where I got the above picture from, and you should know that Omar Al Khattab is the name of the second Caliph succeeding Abu Bakr Al Siddique after prophet Muhammad PBuH died, and usually Wahhabis try to relate to him as being their role model in their practices even though during that time there was no Wahhabism, Sunnah, Shiite... etc., just to hint to how the systematic use of specific terms.

The original picture shared (FB link: http://me.lt/9P7MII)
As you can clearly see the description of the image above with the link does not mention anything about air raids and it clearly says: 'Zamlka, yesterday 19/11/2012' and posted by an anti-Syria pro NATO page as you can tell from the tri-star green flag used by Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA fighting the state troops in Syria. So how did the smart user know it's from an air raid? And if it's the aftermath of an air raid, how did the rubble pile in 3 different piles leaving space for the street and even cars to park.

It should also be noted that Zamalka, the correct pronunciation of the suburbs near Damascus, is still highly infested by FSA terrorists carrying out attacks against the government posts and army checkpoints on the roads leading outside, and a large portion of the neighborhood's residents have already fled their homes a long time ago when the FSA started attacking them.

Activists on the ground reporting what they view or a systematic propaganda campaign to mislead who still support Al Qaeda fighters in Syria after they've being defaced and after they declared their presence openly even against their own supporters in the new coalition created by the US to represent them in Qatar? You must have read this post yesterday: Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Denounce New Syrian Opposition Council.

Conclusion: In one single picture we note:

  1. Systematic misconception campaign using specific terminology (Assad aircraft) to demonize the state & its troops.
  2. Sharing and re-sharing posts with new descriptions (damage by air raid) to mislead the naive Sheeple to inflict as much harm as they can before being totally defaced and losing their cause (destroying Syria).
  3. Using religious naming and symbols to cause most damage among the residents hoping that a civil war would eventually start based on ethnic, religious or even political divisions. (The use of the name of the Muslims Caliph).
  4. Spreading the information used as much as possible and we can notice how many people were tagged in the re-share.
  5. The use of air raid didn't come from nowhere considering that the Gaza Strip is being bombarded by the Zionist israelis, in a very sleazy attempt of linking the Syrian Army defending its people against the Zionist fascist aggression on the powerless Gaza Strip. 

Among other practices used in psychological warfare NATO is totally experienced with but seems it's failing in Syria as they underestimated the Syrians from the beginning and even till date.

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you,
not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable.

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