Monday, November 19, 2012

Al Qaeda FSA Terrorists Denounce New Syrian Opposition Council

How many times since the very beginning of the current Syrian crisis we warned time and again that it's not a spontaneous public uprising of oppressed people against an oppressing regime as NATO aligned mainstream media worked their butts out to imply. It can never be a public uprising when some receive weapons & money from enemies of a state to attack their own people under whatever guise, like the one that worked with them in Libya and they tried to copy on Syria: 'a dictator killing own people', which logically doesn't fit.

Go through this same blog and see our posts highlighting the existence of Al Qaeda and its foot prints all over the attacks all over the country, and now there are some blaming the state for the influx of these terrorists because it refused dissolving itself.

If 'democratizing' Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya.. doesn't give you a hint what is going on in Syria, then stop reading and turn on FoxNews or any other mainstream channels familiar to you.

When a coalition of 14 groups of Al Qaeda terrorists among others gather and issue a statement vowing to establish an Islamist state and denounce the 'lecherous US way of life it's trying to impose on them' through the new coalition of opposition figures in exile it created in Qatar, you know that your tax dollars were going to fund your own enemy. 

Wonder if your mainstream media showed you the following video clip announcement and described it correctly, it's with English subtitles, if you can't see the subtitles turn CC on and use a laptop or a desktop: 

Some Arabic language news sites mentioned this, many without elaboration as it would definitely undermine the main propaganda lie that the so called Free Syrian Army formed in Turkey, hosted by Turkey, financed by Turkey, sponsored by Turkey and supplied with weapons by Turkey, as a group of defectors from the Syrian Arab Army, the national army of Syria which is supposed to be a secular army coming from a secular state and just for adding if you didn't know before that Turkey is a main member of NATO led by the USA.

Check our previous post titled FSA Terrorists Will Reform You in USA for a further insight on these groups of fighters known in your mainstream media as 'freedom fighters' or 'rebels' and our post Syrians Adore Their Syrian Arab Army to understand from where the idea of the Free Army came from.

Who else would carry out suicide attacks and detonate cars in residential and public buildings and facilities, attack police stations and army bases? Who would commit massacres against entire neighborhoods? Who would desecrate churches, mosques, kidnap journalists, kill actors, detonate bombs in public squares when school children pass by.. combined of radical Islamists and Jihadists with a collection of foreign mercenaries? You answer.

By bombs, Navy Seals, Marines or by Al Qaeda, you choose.
They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you,
not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable.

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