Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Assad is not Like Gaddafi or Any of the Others

Seems that the 'Arab Spring' didn't work as planned in Syria the way it worked elsewhere, namely Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, while it's struggling to finalize Yemen.

To prove that the source is one and is not 'Spontaneous Public Uprising' as the NATO aligned media like to call it, see the results in the aforementioned countries: Radical 'Islamic' elements with very close relations with the US taking control in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya so far then take a look at the tactics used and I refer you to a previous blog with 4 parts of a TV report by a Turkish reporter aired on a Turkish TV channel (Click Here).

The main mistakes the enemies fall in while approaching the Syrian riots is comparing it with others, like when the NATO agents abroad calls for a solution in Syria the Yemeni style, ignoring that millions took to the streets in Yemen against Saleh and managed to occupy a main street in the capitol for over 6 months, while in Syria the maximum number at one time didn't reach a 100,000 all over the country of 23 million and protests don't last more than an hour, try not to believe media which lied so many times before. In Egypt the US orchestrated the removal of Mubarak during a visit of the Egyptian Chief of Staff in January 2011 (read it from their source) & what was in plan at least since March 2008 (Click Here)!! While in Tunisia it was a trick by the Army & some of Ben Ali's colleagues to put him on a plane and leave him in mid air while declaring the coup! Where is the 'spontaneous public uprising' in all of this?

The biggest plot was in Libya, a hoax that the leader of the country wanted to kill 5,000 of his own people therefore there's a need to intervene that eventually led to the killing of over 60,000 civilians (some sources put the figure at 120,000) and the destruction of the entire country to be ready for multi-national companies to rebuild it, a hoax very similar to the photos of the WMDs in Iraq shown by former secretary of state Colin Powell in the UNSC. Now some are resembling Gaddafi, slain Libyan leader with Assad, the leader of Syria, but they try to ignore some of the facts like:

1) Syrian army is 10 times bigger than the Libyan, armed unlike the Libyan, ideologic unlike the Libyan, fought wars unlike the Libyan, have strong and trustworthy allies unlike the Libyan who found allies in foxy regimes like that of the US Obama and French Sarkozy, didn't witness defection unlike the Libyan, not mentioning the security which are double those of the Libyan army and security altogether!

2) Syrian politicians are much smarter than the Libyans, more ideological than the Libyans, also never saw a single defection unlike the Libyans..!

3) Not a single city nor village fell in the enemies hands till now unlike the Libyans who lost the second city Benghazi to NATO agents..!

4) The president is smarter than the Libyan, although Gaddafi was smart but reactive, unlike the Syrian who is more strategic.

5) USA & its allies are out of the area (the Levant) and on the way out, and much more weaker and bankrupt unlike at the Libyan time.. USA biggest humiliating 'silent' defeat in Iraq and the brushing of its Naval ships by Iranians from the Gulf..

6) Syrian oppositions are not unified on the goal nor the methods unlike the Libyans..

7) Syria have direct influence with the entire Levant and won't be exaggerating if saying the entire region unlike the Libyan..

8) Syrians abroad are much active than the Libyans..

9) Syrians discovered the plot at the very early days and concentrated on dismantling its major assets unlike the Libyans who started now discovering what really happened to them..!

10) Syria's economy is to a very large extent independent from all surrounding and further, unlike the Libyans who depend mainly on oil exports to buy food & other materials..

11) Syria is a home to a vast ethnic composition that spreads among the world, where they all live in harmony unlike the case of the Libyan where it's a tribal issue and each tribe is against all the others when playing with their instincts.


  1. sure, however I want to point out that libya did not go as intented, either. they struggled more than half year to bring the government down, and even now they cant control the south. but eventually they destroyed the country.

    with syria its like this: if they destroy syria, they will die in the process, too.

  2. sounds like singing in the dark cellar for me pals.
    why didnt you said that Assad looked better than Ghadaffi, has a more beautiful wife, it would uplift the whole article and add 100% credibility.

    I agree Ghadaffi was not as brutal and malicious as Assad and his regime.

    1. Your reply shows how superficial the masses are, when you can't read 11 factual points that describe each difference because the mainstream media had its perfect influence on you that you can't see or read anything else than attacking who was the target of a systematic 'demonizing' campaign.



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