Saturday, January 14, 2012

Delusional Kissinger Brags About the Golden Days and I Bring Him Back to Reality

Mr. Henry Kissinger, the guy who was behind converting the US to a slave for israel is hearing the drums of WWIII in an article bragging that his 'parasite' country, the USA, will win and its master, israel, will be taking over half of the Middle East after it "kills as many Arabs as it can"!

The article can be found here: (Delusional Kissinger: If You Don't Hear the Drums of War, You Must Be Deaf'), I suggest you read it and come back here after you finish to read the below comments I sent him, just a call for a wake up.

Ever heard the phrase: Satan's dream in heaven? 

Now read the article again.

This guy is still reading the reports he was fed when he was in charge up till 3 decades ago, obviously he knows nothing of what's happening now, unless of course what he is referring to is a playstation war! 

He just missed some small notes to take in consideration that would change his perspective, but I think such notes are manipulated by the smaller guys before given to decision makers that's why we end up with crazy decisions:

1. USA didn't win the war in Iraq, to win a war you need to achieve the objective of the war, if the objective of the war on Iraq was to oust Saddam, the price was definitely not worth it, because simply his controller would have called him from Langley and asked him to step aside, since by now only the ignorant doesn't know that Saddam was a CIA asset. Killing a million Iraqi, displacing over 4 million internally and across the borders while devastating the country only created a whole generation of USA haters in Iraq & other Middle Eastern countries, then the US Army had to withdraw in silence and under the wings of night, if it was in a better position it wouldn't need to sneak out of the country. We remember Obama standing next to Maliki the Iraqi PM last month and everything Obama asked for was refused by Maliki.

2. israel lost a war against Hizbolla in 2006, keeping in mind that Hizbolla is a considerably small political party with a couple of thousand combatant fighters which put israel to a full standstill, sending over half a million israelis in shelters for weeks, halting the economy and costing billions of Dollars in direct and indirect losses, not to mention the morale lost. Hizbolla ever since increased its capabilities. So if the small party in one of the smallest Middle Eastern countries dwarfed the 'might of israel', I can imagine the Syrian army, or even the Iranian might.

3. Mr. Kissinger doesn't follow the latest economic news, the US Dollar is at the brinks of crashing at any time this year, and trust me, the Russian bear and Chinese sickle are enjoying slapping the already bankrupt US economy time after another, their recent slap was a week ago signing a treaty to use national currencies of both countries in all bilateral trade bypassing the Dollar, before that China & Japan agreed to a similar pact, and before that Iran with all its partners, in the work now is Syria with all its trade partners bypassing Dollar & Euro and that will be followed by the entire South America countries and bye bye Dollar. Google what happened to the Russian Ruble in the wake of the collapse of the former USSR for a vision to what is going to happen in the near future.

4. European Union is battling to maintain the Euro in its core member states like Greece, Italy, Portugal and today France was degraded by S&P.. So from where Mr. Kissinger is getting his information, I wonder.

5. France exhausted its full power in Libya and needs at least 6 months from now to replenish its arm stock, of course if it has the money for this, and at the looks of it, they are following the steps of the USA.

Instead of the advice to get a farm and build a shelter, plant it with food, it's better to see which state has more resources of water and 'plantable' lands and move to it, as the existing shape of the USA we know will cede to exist because it's next to impossible to continue, check the Facebook page of the White House for instance to see how they are trying to ask the people to stay together and give ideas on how to 'reform the government', and 'give the president your ideas and he'll work the way you tell him' to preserve the country as long as possible..! If you don't like Facebook, listen to his comments about jobs today.

115 military bases worldwide brings you only disaster back, you can't be the world's police, nobody appreciate it, on the contrary, majorities of the people of countries where your bases are feel they're under occupation and they can't wait to kick you out at any time, just give them a spark, OWS is one, for instance.


  1. You think this article is real; Υοu think Kissinger really gave that interview; I agree with everything that you say but Iam cautious about the realibility of the source.


    Squib= satire.
    Please check your sources. PLEASE

    1. Then consider this as a Satire reply, Dude..

      When you post something on the net many people read it, and in case you read the above as original or satire that means my message is delivered, it's up to the reader to accept the content or not.

      Nobody cares if Kissinger is alive or dead, if he's working in politics or retired decades ago, we are delivering our message on all platforms we can to awaken the sleep minds.
      Do you think that what you see on most mainstream media is real or satire? When it comes to meet certain goals it comes to propaganda on the western public opinions and when we watch it from our point of view we can only see it as satire because it's way out of touch, for us, but it's achieving its point there.

      But anyways, thanks for your concern.



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