Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NATO Agents Attack Syrian Security Forces & Protesters

Obviously we can see the one side story in this coverage, however, when there is part of the people calling for NATO intervention, we know exactly who are these and who they represent. NATO is no charity organization and it's looked at as an enemy by the vast majority of Syrians as well as Arabs for its continuous unlimited support to israel throughout its bloodiest history in oppressing Palestinians and chewing up more of their lands by the day, as well as the fact that Turkey is the main NATO member state in the region, the country that doesn't hesitate to drone its own people using fighter jest and the latest massacre all over the news resulted killing 35 civilians just a week ago.

As for the govt of Syria and the handling of the crisis in the country, it's worth noting that protesters in London dubbed by the UK officials as London Rioters were harshly put down, and 4 years sentences were handed to two young guys just for a facebook status update! and they are not armed.

In the USA we are seeing mass arrests of Occupy Movement activists, they are the most extremely peaceful protesters on the planet, yet they are maced, tear-gassed and arrested in bulks, none of them is armed not even with a knife.

In France, everybody remembers the current president when he was in charge of the ministry of interior not cracking but crashing on protesters in Paris suburbs calling them all ugly names ever used on own people, and none of the protesters was armed then.

It's worth mentioning that because of silly claim that a few of cavemen flew from a terrorist organization flew planes in 2 towers in New York in 9/11 & a third that went down in solidarity, a war for terror (dubbed war on terror) resulted in the devastation of Afghanistan and Iraq killing over a million civilian, displacing over 4 million, destroying the entire two independent states' infrastructure making it ready for multi-national reconstruction companies.. For Iraq another claim was added when the secretary of state then Colin Powell flashed 'mobile systems of WMDs', still the world is searching for.

Syria, is a country on this planet, it's not in heavens, it follows the same laws that any country does, but amazingly and you might not like it, with extreme self-constraint after having around 2,000 soldiers, security forces and policemen killed over the same period of the crisis where UN claims 5,000 civilians dead, shot by security without a single proof. However, now it's too late to claim there's no armed rioters in Syria, and by using the word 'armed' of course I'm not meaning individual guns for self protection, I mean anti-tank missiles, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), sniper guns, high-tech communication devices and none of these are used by the Syrian army! So there's obviously a foreign hand meddling practically and directly in the course of events in Syria, shooting at both government officials and protesters 'if found' to create strife, demonize the government and justify 'international intervention'. The last time an international intervention occurred was to save a 5,000 'peaceful protesters' who suddenly after 40 years decided they're against their ruler the Gaddafi, over 60,000 were killed by NATO air strikes, and a devastated country ready for multi-national companies to reconstruct!

The Americans like to use this proverb: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Stay fooled.

The above came as a comment on a reply to an article in the Financial Times titled: Monitors feted by Damascus residents and can be found here:

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