Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Reporter Somehow Managed to Get Syria's Name inserted in the Alleged Iranian Plot

A strange trend taking place with some 'journalists' since the invention of so called 'Activists', now a street vendor can be interviewed to get his views on countries' relations and to weigh in on bigger issues.

Yesterday and out of their old books, US regime smartest officials came to the public with an allegation that Iran has plotted to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington using a second hand car dealer, fake check and a Mexican drug cartel gangsters, most analysts found it difficult to digest, some labeled it a 'Hollywood Thriller', and some even described it as a 'police story'.. However, some built on it just to get Syria's name in the story no matter how, and here's what we replied to one of their vuvuzelas: 

Honestly, I don't see how such a reporter gets to write for The Washington Post let alone FP!

A vendor on the streets doesn't give a proper analyses or credible comments on an issue at a level of countries relations, maximum can be quoted telling a story he witnessed himself, unless the journalist who wrote this piece didn't get any analyst to comment on the issue for her.. Same dull practice she uses to twist facts coming from Syria to fit in the Libya scenario, ie oppressing regime against peaceful protestersdemanding basic needs as food & health.. BS.

US officials are finding it very difficult to convince themselves with the alleged plot! Even if we assume there's some reality in the 'plot', what would Iran benefit or achieve in case the 'plot' succeeds?! Wouldn't it be more realistic if US officials claimed the target would be the Israeli ambassador or a high level attaché at the Israeli embassy or a prominent AIPAC member if we take the story that it was in retaliation to the killings of Iranian nuclear scientists?!

Long gone the strategists planning foreign policies of the USA & long gone the diplomats carrying it out, now all there are blind, arrogant, racist, neo-conservatives who are the same people behind making a fool of former secretary of state Collin Powell at the UNSC showing 'evidence' of WMDs in Iraq just to justify wars serving the ultimate goal of Zionism in the Middle East.

Wake up Americans, they're using your money to destroy you & others in your name while in the meantime they strip you of your basics one after another; ask NY governor about the new tax ammendment that will prevent the govt from placing taxes on mega fortunes depriving the treasury from $5 billion a year of returns supposed to be covered by the poor to maintain the sh*tty living standards they have now or facing cuts even in that!

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