Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Washington Post Outdoes itself Once Again and We Reply

Our comment on an article in Washington Post fabricating lies about the situation in Syria:

"I have some sad news for you, first of all, the so called doctors treating the wounded were discovered to be foreign doctors who speak broken Arabic and use tools that has nothing to do with stitching wounds rather excavation of organs.. I'll give you the video if someone is interested.

And as for clashes with 'defected' soldiers, from the first day of events security officers reported armed gangs from Dara to Baniyas to Tal Kalakh, before even the army knew what's going on, and since then mainstream media like your own ignored and ridiculed this info stating they were 'Peaceful Protesters' and we from then ridiculed your medium whenever you mentioned that phrase, ie 'Peaceful Protesters' because such Peaceful Protesters don't torch govt buildings and don't shoot at police officers.

The pretext of 'Freedom Fighters' was supposed to be introduced when the massacre of Jisr Al Shougur happened and their base was supposed to be sponsored by Turkey inside Syrian territories and failed, so don't sell us the BS of army defectors now after 8 months of riots all over the country and only 3 officers defected without their units and about 6 or 7 soldiers runaways.. That's not a defection, if you insist on calling it so, you better learn Journalism and then specialize in war reporting.

And like it or not, as a Syrian like me I totally support the govt decision of banning foreign media, like yours, from entering Syria because only by this they're able to save the truth from being twisted, we saw how unbiased and credible you were in reporting Libya events, especially the infamous story of the capture of Gaddafi sons and the killing of others.

Either you report credible and confirmed news or refrain from reporting at all instead of reporting lies or creating news.. I suggest you give some attention to your own people lacking 'Democracy' under a 'Republic' rule where 2 parties only control the lives and destinies of 320 Million US citizens.. Cover Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations with half of your time and effort and your Obama's Administration will collapse in 2 days."


  • The link to the video proof of organ trafficking in the 'field hospitals' set up by terrorists in Homs, Syria, and just an added info: Turkey and israel are the leading countries in trafficking organs in the entire world: GRAPHIChttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=facOGqCgWxA

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