Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why USA So Eager to Place EU Sanctions on Syria?!

We thought the whole fuss was to protect people of countries under oppressive regimes, now it's obvious that companies' interests are far more important than protecting people!

Let's draw some lines: USA wants its allies to impose further sanctions because simply US companies do not deal in Syria thus US companies will not lose, but wants European companies to lose.

Turkey maintains a $2 Bln trade with Syria but economy is something and political drama is something else.

Chinese companies and others might step in to cover the gap so EU companies shouldn't pull out fast.

Ok, we got it, it's oil and business and not Human Rights and oppressions, that point is clear, but why Syria? The fast answer comes: Why not if we can?!

But, Syria is positioned in a very strategic location for God sake, it borders israel, the missing dot in the US foreign policies when it comes to the MENA area. If israel's interests are protected that's enough to keep the US president in office, if israel's interests are endangered that's a big sign for the US president on the way out of office, who else pays presidential campaigns and have the highest hands? AIPAC, and it is the israeli lobby in USA.

Stop lying and say you need to destroy Syria not because there is unproved oppression which is mentioned only by some vague activists, it's because business and israel.

Good Day Americans & enjoy Democracy.

Above comments appears on LA Times article titled "EU sanctions on Syria oil and gas industry comes with loopholes": 

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