Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Syrian Curse

While many people have learnt or heard about the [Mummy Curse or Pharaoh Curse], a physical disease that affected those who opened mummy coffins or superstitious unpleasant events that affected such people, the Syrian Curse is quite new and is linked to the harm countries or groups have caused to the Middle Eastern country Syria.
Syria, the country, is a fairly small country, around 185,000 sq Kms, located in the Levant, east of the Mediterranean, known best for its historical events and civilization that invention of writing is one of it. Syrians, the people of Syria are of the most humble yet smart people known throughout the history of mankind. Syrians count about 23 million who carry the Syrian citizenship and living inside the country, estimates put a figure of 70 million Syrian expatriates all over the planet.
Known for their inventions and trade with the strategical location of Syria, the Syrian people were involved with people from all sides, sects and believes of planet Earth, either in trade, migration or even direct invasion. Never this country saw a longevity of stability more than few years except for the days of the Islamic Omayyad Caliphs. During their history, they were never known to give up their identity even when accepting others, even when travelling abroad they'll retain their original citizenship.
Any country, group of people, civilization or sect that once tried to or succeeded in harming Syrians suffered mysterious and accidental sad events and almost immediately. In mid March 2011, violence started from small remote areas inside the country, covered by popular demands for political reforms, but heinously attacked public properties, security officers and army personnel, then started to create a strife in the country by instigating a civil war among the people who lived harmonically alongside for centuries and even millenniums for some evil goals that only serve the Zionist project in the region. However, those who contributed directly or indirectly in these events, those who planned, financed or actually worked to harm Syria, even those from the past were harmed back and here are some examples:
Cyprus confiscates a shipment of weapons in 2009 in the international waters imported by Syria and originated in Iran claiming it is enforcing a UNSC resolution to ban Iran from importing or selling weapons, but what is Syria's fault? The Syrian Curse came in place just 2 years later in a mysterious blast early morning on July 11, 2009 killing 12 people including Cypriot Navy Chief and damaging the country's power plant cutting electricity and water off half of the island country. The blast cost Cyprus approximately Euro 2 Billion. A coincidence? Maybe. http://www.cyprus-mail.com/vasilikos/eu-experts-blast-will-cost-cyprus-over-2-billion/20110728
USA deeply involved in the events in Syria, either in direct sanctions or pressing allies and foes to impose sanctions on Syria, it's arming terrorists and covering their crimes through Mass Media, and since a long time. Let's start counting:
More Than 1,000 Dead Birds Fall From Sky in Arkansas-January 2
Dead fish cover 20-mile section of Arkansas River-January 2
Hundreds of dead blackbirds found in Louisiana-January 3
10,000s of Birds found dead in Manitoba-January 3
Thousands of Birds fall from the sky in South America-January 3
Dead Birds Found In Kentucky-January 4
Hundreds of dead birds found in East Texas-January 5
Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole affects Tampa airport-January 5
Earthquake 4.5 magnitude in California-January 12
Thousands of dead fish have washed up at Sebastian Inlet State Park Florida-Febuary
Millions of small fish including anchovies, sardines and mackerel were found dead at King Harbour area at Redondo Beach, California-March
40ft section of California Highway falls into Pacific Ocean-March 16
Magnitude 3.5 earthquake - OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA-March 17
Thousands of dead fish wash up in Florida-March 25
Hundreds of dead fish found in Midland,Texas-March 26
Hundreds of dead fish and frogs in Marquette Lagoon-April 1
Dead birds fall into Kansas yard-April 8
Dead fish found in Cedar Creek, Texas-April 10
Dead fish float up in 36 lakes in the state of Connecticut-April
Deadly Tornadoes hit N. Carolina and Virginia, at least 47 dead-April 16
Thousands of dead fish are hauled away in Lakeside,NY-April 27
A massive thunderstorm front spawned 137 tornadoes, killed at least 180 people, and mangled sections of Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and Huntsville, Alabama-April
Dead fish wash up in San Tan Heights pond-May
Major Mississippi flooding, destroys many homes-May
Deadly Tornadoes hit Minneapolis and Missouri-May 22
Deadly Tornadoes hits Oklahoma City-May 24
Deadly tornado hits Springfield, Massachusetts-June 1
Massive wildfires in Arizona,claimed more than 30 homes-June 8
40 Tornadoes rip through Nebraska,Kansas-June 21
7.2 Magnitude Earthquake hits Fox Islands,Aleutian Islands,Alaska-June 24
Massive dust storm hits Pheonix-July 5
5.3 earthquake hits Colorado-August 22
5.9 earthquake hits Virgina, jolts NY and Carolinas-August 23
Hurricane Irene hits SC,NC,VA-August 26,27
6.8 Magnitude Earthquake hits Alaska-September 2
Floods in Pennsylvania-September 10
Texas Fire destroys 1,554 homes, 17 people missing-September 11
Tornado hits Siloam Springs, AR-September 18
Not mentioning of course the Occupy Wall Street campaign, the degrading credit ratings and the financial terrible debt problem.. etc.
Coincidences? Maybe..! Anyways, you can thank Obama.
UQ (United Kingdom but since they didn't have a king for almost a century now) joined USA directly in harming Syria, well they got the taste of what they plotted, starting with 500,000protesters taking the streets of London on March 26, 2011, & then the famous peaceful protests dubbed by the cocky prime minister Cameron as London Riots tainted the image of the UQ for ever. 2 coincidences? Maybe!!
Japan, a peaceful friendly country joined the efforts in imposing sanctions on Syria, the first time they ever sanction a country without a UN resolution to do so, faced one of its worst tragedies, [Fukushima Nuclear disaster as the results of the powerful earthquake and the enormous Tsunami]. A coincidence? Maybe.
Italy, joined efforts against Syria, Italy passed very harsh austerity measures that resulted in clashes, strikes, you name it, Italy was downgraded by credit rating companies..! Coincidence? Maybe..!
Portugal, who would imagine it to be a leading country causing harm to a member state of the UN, a sovereign country and never caused problems to Portugal itself, well Portugal passed and will pass future austerity measures because of its very bad economical performance.. Coincidence? Maybe..!
israel, the long time and till the end foe of Syria, always trying to find ways to harm the beautiful country to the north tasted protests called the largest ever.

Turkey, the essential NATO tool in the events against Syria have found itself against all of its neighbors, even with some of its own allies, the government of Erdogan who came into power on a base of moderate Islam had his cover blown first by his mentor the late Arbakan who accused Erdogan and Gul (Turkish President) that they are tools in the hands of International Zionism, then problems with the Kurd minority has increased and led to absurd oppression on them including Erodgan sending his army airplanes to raid entire villages in the south east of the country, dangerous blasts and terrorist incidents occurred with the latest one inside Ankara, the capitol itself near Prime Minister office, and a hotel few days earlier, not mentioning almost freezing trade with the southern neighbor Syria itself halting trade with the entire Arab world through land, tensions increased with Iran, Cyprus, Greece, Armenia..!! Coincidence? Maybe..!

The list continues, and we'll try to update it later.

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