Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Letter to President Obomber

Mr. Obomber, 

USA is the country that you lead, it's not Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Lebanon, and it's definitely not israel; how about some focusing on US Citizens and their welfare instead of spending their wealth on playing the World's Sheriff? Especially, nobody really appreciate that role abroad, you know, well maybe a few like Rumsfield, Chinney, Pearl and alike, but didn't the Americans vote for you because you promised to change? Do you remember a slogan saying: "Change, Yes We Can"? Can you tell us after almost 4 years in office what exactly did you change?

Mr. Obomber,

You were awarded a Nobel Prize which was a motive to spread peace and just in case you like to play the World's Sheriff anyway, not to directly be involved in bombing countries, destabilizing others, covering up others' crimes, promoting terrorists to democracy and humanitarian leaders in Tripoli, Libya, the same terrorists you and the previous administration sacrificed thousands of the USA's finest men in fighting in Afghanistan!

Let's not recall the Pentagon aggressive budget and the financial cost of deploying troops all over the planet in permanent and temporary bases, aircraft carriers roaming international and allies waters ($0.5 Million each day for each aircraft carrier), let us try to focus a bit on the humanitarian cost of lives your administration continued in killing or at least promoted the killings: 

1.2 Million Iraqi lost their lives till date from the date USA decided to protect Iraqis civilians from Saddam regime.
0.5 Million Iraqi child lost their lives earlier to that as a result of USA sanctions on the regime of Saddam Hussein.
100,000 Afghanis, you know nobody can ever tell the exact figure because the puppet govt USA established there barely controls the capitol Kabul alone after 11 years of protecting them.
3,000 Lebanese civilians killed in 2006 israeli war on Lebanon because of 2 soldiers captured by Hizbollah in order to exchange with prisoners israel was holding. USA administration then covered israel in UN.
3,000 civilians in Gaza in 2008 because HAMAS captured a single israeli soldier, who is still till date in their hands, and USA covered israel for even using internationally prohibited weapons including white phosphor and Cluster Bombs!
How about the Famine caused in Somalia due to the USA sanctions on that poorest country?
50,000 Civilian Libyans you went to protect their lives and ended up protecting their path to heaven!

* Now add to all of those the USA soldiers whom thousands lost their lives, and much more thousands lost a limb or a career or a daily life, thousands of orphans lost their parents in wars that brought nothing to the USA except more enemies and a crippled economy.

Mr. Obomber,

As you might have noticed I type your name correctly when addressing you here because this is how people on the planet see you, some neoconservatives might not like my approach and the sad fact they control your administration, even they are a very small minority and you were supposed to make the change in their control, that what at least the majority thought you meant by Change you came with, but who cares, you finish your term and in the democracy of money, if you manage to raise more funds than others you get another term in the office, and for those public thinking their votes make a change, yes it does, it changes their lives to more misery.

Mr. Obomber, 

Just one last thing, how can you justify kicking a US family out of their house because they failed to meet a couple mortgage payments to the bank they only bailed out with their own money through taxes they worked their lives out?

Hope you enjoy your nick name Mr. Obomber, now find somewhere new to bomb, you can beat Hitler in no time and get your seat in history books.

Someone who used to admire America seeing it as the pride of the planet and now feels it's a disgrace on humanity.

The above should appear as a comment on FoxNews if their moderator approves it in a free speech democracy on an article there talking about the highest rate of jobless claims:

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  1. Obomber said Bashar "lost legitimacy" because he didn't reform fast enough -- what about him??? What happened to all that change he kept telling us about? Was it a bunch of quarters in his wallet?



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