Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Reply to a Silly Report from Latakia, Syria by BBC

In a comment we sent the BBC for their silly report (link below) we wrote: 

Can you please explain how did 'Alexander Page' the so called activists claiming to be talking from Damascus count the killed of 30 in the video and 27 in your article despite the long distance between Damascus & Latakia? Adding that he says: Communications are cut?

I have friends in Latakia giving a totally different count of events speaking in their real names and not pseudonymous.

What does the video show above? A coast and in another clip an army troops truck carrier? So much of bombarding..

Don't you have an editor who actually review these news before posting it? Don't you care for your credibility? You think even if you conquer in this media game, people will still believe you after? Take this as a warning: Syrians are not some cave people or living in tents in the old age, this is back-firing on you and other MSMs like Aja & Arabiya. In case you want to pass a lie, try to look for one which could be believed.

The BBC Report and our comment in case they post it:

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