Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Comment on a WND Article Obama to ask Syria leader to step down

Obama still thinks he's the leader of the super power that carries the role of world policeman, distributing legitimacy among world's leaders for committing crimes only USA can evaluate. Wake up Obama, your country is on the brink of collapsing, your super power lost each and every battle it fought after WWII, which it didn't fight alone, after 11 years in Afghanistan, the country is ore hostile to ISA & deadly attacks daily on your troops, 31 Navy Seals & 27 Marines in just one week, after 8 years in Iraq in which you and your former sacrificed US troops and over a million Iraqi killed and millions displaced, it's Iran who has influence there and not USA, after 5 months from a 'Civilian Protection' campaign in Libya your mission became a 'Civilian Slaughter' campaign, after decades of meddling in Lebanon it's Hezbollah who is in power now not your puppet agents, after decades of besieging Somalia you are in charge of the history's worst famine in the horn of Africa. US Tax Payers and citizens didn't elect you to continue what the world's worst criminal at large George W Bush did, they elected you because they believed you will make a change, remember: Change, Yes We Can? Well let me tell you Mr. Obama, it's now proven that Change, No You Can't. Stop interfering in others' internal issues that your CIA creates and try to focus a bit on the welfare of your own people. By the way, just as a reminder, ask each former president or living advisors of the USA which country humiliated them all and they'll all tell you it's Syria: Nikson, Carter, Reagan, George Bush Senior, Clinton, and George Bush the criminal, all of them had an encounter with Syria, each one had a lesson in diplomacy, history, people's rights, covert operations, and even in direct combat like the case of Reagan who suffered the largest losts ever in the American wars history: 241 Marines in 1 day in 1983 in Beirut.
Above comment was posted on this article by WND: Obama to ask Syria leader to step down

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