Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Comments on NY Times Article in Regards with Obama & Allies Calling on Assad to Step Down

On which basis does the US & allies ask a president of another country to step down? Humanitarian? What a joke, don't let me start with Iraq & Afghanistan humanitarian missions..

If it worked with them before with two presidents that doesn't mean it will work with every other president they don't like, everybody knows that Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali of Tunisia were part of the American system in the Middle East, while Assad of Syria is not, he's even on the other side.

Besides, all accounts of human rights violations the government of Syria is accused of committing are unproved, doubted and comes from unknown activists representing the fanatic Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization, if the USA doesn't label it thus, the entire Arab world does, it's not only what the USA Administration labels is correct, it labels israel as a democracy while more than 6 million Palestinians live without basic rights, over 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaze under siege just because they elected their govt democratically, and now they suffer a vicious barbarian aggression which didn't stop whole night long because a couple of israeli soldiers were killed by an armed group as claimed in Eilat, on the other side of the Negev desert in israel, far away from Gaza!! Why not they were attacked by defectors of israeli army whom refused to kill Beduin Palestinians in cold blood? makes more sense.

Instead of trying to police the world, I suggest the leaders of US and allies give some of their precious time to their internal economic crisis that's growing daily and effects the entire universe, that's what their citizens elected them for, not to interfere in other countries internal affairs on the account of their own citizens' welfare and prosperity. 

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