Friday, August 19, 2011

Our Comments on Fox News Article Talking about Obama's Request to President Assad to Step Down

For God sake, just take a look at the photos in the article above and tell us who has criminal looks?! Just to start with..

On what basis does a president of one country calls on a president of another country to step down? And please nobody says humanitarian because we've seen how humanitarian were the cases of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia (Famine also) just to mention a few.

It's a matter of protecting the Zionist israel and nothing else when it comes to Syria, as the country is not one of those oil rich states like Iraq or Libya, and the plan if we just 'google' it is to break the country in 4 smaller states based on sects to keep them fighting between each other. Ridiculous. Who put this plan know nothing about history, this area repelled all foreign interventions since the Romans BC. Besides, it's proven over history that as much as you try to harm Syria, you suffer more, want examples? here you go:

In 2009, Cyprus went to international waters to hijack a ship carrying ammunition to the Syrian army imported from Iran, Cyprus said then it was executing a UN embargo on exports of weapons from Iran, what happened later? after 2 years the same shipment got fire out of heat and an enormous explosion rocked the half island country destroying the navy base where it was held, killing high commanders in Navy, the govt resigned, the only power station destroyed with damages exceeding Euros 2 Billion, with fresh water supplies cut as well as electricity...etc.

In 1983 USA Great Reagan insisted on aiding israel in invading Lebanon to push Syrian troops out, 241 Marines killed in a single day!

USA kept increasing sanctions on Syria recently and increasing sanctions almost daily, the result? Syria doesn't deal with USA for over 3 decades, in-between trade is about 3% of Syrian foreign trade, Syria uses Euro to peg its currency and not the US Dollar, Syria doesn't hold a single asset in USA except an account for the salaries of its Embassy employees which of course would be excluded, essentially, Syrian Airways don't fly to America and do not cross over it, simply Syria loses nothing; on the other hand: USA economy keeps deteriorating, and the administration instead of finding ways to revive the economy by increasing bilateral trades with foreign countries, it sanctions an important potential country which is Syria, USA increasing debt ceiling to new heights while cutting expenses on the welfare of its people where Syria barely have any debt, around $10 Billion in long terms easy repayments near to nil interest! Syria doesn't import food, it exports it, it exports electricity to almost all its neighbors, who loses?

Popularity of the American president at ever lowest rate around 38% at its best, the involvement of the US Administration proved in the events and chaos in Syria raised the popularity of the Syrian president among his people, because Syrians dislike the USA for its unlimited support to israel, so whatever the USA does is seen as ugly in Syria, any party or individual supported by the USA is considered a traitor in Syria for the same reason (israel in addition to all of its continuous atrocities against Palestinians, it occupies the Syrian Golan Heights).

The US president and his chorus has only served the Syrian Assad good by asking him to step down, so for once learn a lesson and mind your own business. Mr. Obama, your citizens deserve at least half the time you spend on securing israel.

"Of course our comments above come in line with the majority of comments on Fox News, for a surprise, but the USA Citizens can't take it any more"

Link to the article and our comments on Fox News: 

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