Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Comments on a Report by Liz Sly of Washington Post re SyriaM

Sorry reporter, but can you prove a single info of above? I have friends in Midan, South of Damascus (not central) who reported that nobody came out yesterday (Friday) after noon prayers or till today morning & they spent the evening in a packed restaurant in the same suburb.

Don't you find it a bit odd that there'se no proof to allegations of Muslim Brotherhood criminal opposition figures living in London for such protests, or fire opening?

If you want to claim that you need to depend on one side for information, and that one side is a collection of few fugitives wanted for crimes they committed in their own country then that's extremely pathetic & unprofessional, not being able to report from inside the country doesn't give you excuse to spread unverifiable information in a repetition to the pre Iraqi invasion scenario of WMDs that they are still looking for after 8 years of destroying the country, killing a million of its people, displacing over 3 million & sending the country decades back in the past. Learn from your previous experiences.

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We replied to a reader (user ID Greenland2) directly who apparently is moved by reports of mainstream media coverage of the events of Syria, we tried to give him/ her a lead to analyze:

Greenlands, what do you know about what's happening in Syria? Watching some mainstream media doesn't make you abreast with the situation on ground especially when your MSMs are not reporting from inside the country.. Can you just sit, forget what you see, remember when we saw trucks moving across Iraq loaded with WMDs?, forget what you see for a minute and analyze: a country pictured in MSMs that it's under civil war, over 2,000 peaceful protesters were killed by the regime and '000 protesting daily, yet after 5 months not a single official, diplomat, army officer, a local municipal mayor DEFECTS?! who knows more? You sitting abroad watching mainstream media channel that don't attract viewers if they don't show blood or the Syrian people?

If you think they are afraid then read the article again, written from Beirut, Lebanon, not Syria, the helpless peaceful protesters broke the fear barrier & the powerful officials, even who is living abroad like diplomats still fear?! Wake up for God sake, did you see Obama kick the door after the conference? Do you know how to use digital software to clone and multiply crowds? How about the shaky footages broadcasted? Can't you manipulate it? How many reports from Syria were proved not in Syria? Ask Reuters how many videos they had to retract keeping in mind that Reuters reporter on Syria is a Jordaniam living in Amman!

Who knows better? You, or the Syrian people?

The reply on the same comment page
ps. if any typos please ignore, it's written by iPhone which auto corrects with its own way!

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