Monday, August 22, 2011

Our Comments on an Economist Article re Turkish Interference in Syria

Turkish leaders made a terrible mistake in addressing their Syrian counterparts, it's worth noting the following: * Syria was the gate for Turkey to enter its normal geopolitical sphere after being prevented entry to the Christian club the EU. * Through Syria only Turkey was able to forge multiple treaties with different countries in spite of its bad Ottoman history in the region. * Syria was the one to bite on its wounds in order to enhance the relations keeping in mind Iskandaron occupied by Turkey, Atatork damn which reduced water flow to Syria & Iraq, the evil past of Ottomans in Syria, the Ottomans massacre of Armenians who forms a considerable portion of Syria, Syria's role in mending relations between Turkey & Iran & Armenia. *Turkey erected refugee camps and tents in a clear sign of encouraging Syrians to dissent and its extremely bad treatment of who took refuge there & the way Turks abused them in media. * Proven Turkish role in financing, training, arming & facilitating salafist rebels against Syrian govt forces. * Turkey with its bloodiest heinous crackdown on Kurds doesn't put it in a position to give advices to others how to handle unrest..

For all of the above, the Syrian leadership is furious about Turkish way of conducting their side of relations but yet keeps a corridor open for Turkey to fix the relations. Not a single info of crimes alledgely committed by Syrian Govt is proved and till now it's all circulated by opposition figures abroad!!

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