Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Comments On an Article by The Economist re Assad Interview

I like this piece, sounds like it's written by an old style Soviet trained journalist who suddenly learned the approach of TIME magazine of making news fun to read.

No, the crises is not funny, and the article is of no value. Assad came thru inherited presidency, true, just like George W Bush, and all the other leaders in this part of the world, here it's more tribal than politicaly polarized communities; we had vibrant political society in the post colonialism era but it was one of gge most unstable coup-labeled period of Syria's history.

Can you prove the number of civilians death of over 2000? Share with us your verifiable source. Did you bother to mention 600 security and army personnel killed? No, why should you? It doesn't serve the purpose, but it's a fact you can't deny. Soldiers don't get killed being chanted peacefully at calling freedom. Let's apply Cameron's policy here: ask for a riot on Facebook that never happened and get 4 years in jail; what would you get if you kill a police officer during a protest? Figure it out yourself & don't share it, we know what we are dealing with.

Muslim Brotherhood is the core, the hand and the brains of this crises and they proved it to us through their disgraceful contribution in each conference the opposition held outside Syria, they themselves confessed the level of their contribution in inciting hatred among sects and ethnic groups inside the society, smuggling weapons, money, drugs and even high tech communication devices to be used against the govt. Syrians forgive but they definitely do not forget, 1978-1982 an era dominated by heinous crimes committed by the criminal organization called the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, from blowing up cars, to assassinating scientists to attacking remote police stations and mutilating bodies of the officers they kill in one of their ugliest practices. Just when the Syrian people were about to forgive them and even president Assad issued 2 presidential pardon decrees that included them, they are doing what they do best now and reminding us of their nature. Cracking such groups down is the least what any govt can do, and Assad govt is not doing enough of it YET.

Once new parties are formed since as you mentioned the committee that will look into the legal issues relating to the formation of these parties is already declared then in the Feb, 2012 parliament elections let the majority change whatever articles they disagree with in the constitution or rewrite a new one from scratch, let them then call the president to step aside, they will be representing the Syrian people and will be talking in their names, not Obama the leader of America off the cliff, not Cameron the London dictator, not Sarkozy the guy famous of crushing Paris suburbs a couple of years ago, not anybody else but the Syrian people.

Link to the article & our comments: http://www.economist.com/blogs/newsbook/2011/08/bashar-assad#comment-1015175

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