Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Comments On an Article by Huffington Post re Russian Draft Resolution on Syria

Russia, China, India, South Africa & Brasil so far endorse this resolution, and these countries they are the future of the world's wealth with more than half of world's population and not the countries with ailing economies USA & United Queendom (UK, but since it doesn't have a king) and their clan.

Durgham, the writer of this article has a personal problem in regards with Syria, check all her previous posts and you can see a biased aggressive tone when it comes to Syria.

The rest of the world sees only what Mainstream Medias show, but that doesn't mean what those channels show is the reality, for instance, today the two major Arabic speaking mainstream channels: Aljazeera & Al Arabiya reported mass demonstrations in the capitol city Damascus and even specified the city's largest 2 roundabouts, and at the same time the Syrian state tv channel and another independent channel 'Addounia' live streamed from both squares with nil protesters and normal life, even they were conducting interviews with people passing by in cars and on foot who were astonished to such lies.. After 3 hours of continuous lying Al Jazeera & Arabiya confessed that they were only reporting what armed opposition figures were feeding them! 

That's what you see from MSMs, same goes when all MSMs reported the arrest of Saif Ul Isalm Gaddafi, killing of Gaddafi's other sons to be refuted by the Gaddafi's themselves. 

NATO Psycho war.

UN Security Council's main and sole role is to preserve Peace & Security on this planet and not to destruct peace and destabilize security, and that's what the Russian envoy is reminding the council of.

Link to the article and our comments on it in case it's approved by moderator:

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