Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Comments on an Article by the Independent Offering Help to Other Countries by a NATO Rebel

Funny, but sadly funny, since when Al Qaeda NATO contractors are worried about protecting civilians in their own countries let alone wanting to aid others? How? By protecting them for 6 months like you did in Libya?

Syria is different in a million plus ways than any other country even worldwide not only other Arab countries, examples: 

You can think of a country that has sects of each minority who lived on this planet. 

Think of a country that its economy didn't collapse after 30 years of American siege & sanctions, while American economy itself collapsed twice already in 2008 & last week.

A country that is portrayed in the Mainstream Media as having a civil war for 5.5 months already and yet not a single defection in the Army or Diplomats body or at least a cleaner in a ministry! Does this tell you anything? All you see and hear from MSMs are lies just like the Iraq's WMDs, the capture of Gaddafi's son, killing of other sons.. etc.

A country that has direct enormous effects on all surrounding countries and has influence in each.

A country that can shell 9,000 medium range rockets every 12 minutes until its arsenal of 6 million is over. Rockets with a 700 Klm range.

Syria is the only place in the middle east that all sects practice their religions freely and under the protection of the government, something that is not available even in France and some European countries banning Burqa; USA that has lobbies trying to prevent a mosque from being built in NY; the police state of United Queendom (UK but since there's no king) that monitors each minority sect..

NATO has all rights to double think and even count to 10 before thinking of sending its first bullet into Syria. While plotting, which is something else and Syrians are used to is dealt with in a very smart and effective way, it usually backlashes on countries that plot against Syria in multiple times.. You want more about Syria? Ask me, for the meantime I'll confirm to you that this plot is over.

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