Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our Comments on an Article in The Atlantic by Fictional Michael Weiss

Another account of a 'Gay Girl in Damascus', lousy try though. 

Regime will rape his sister, stray cats painted, helium balloons flew with anti-regime messages, red water in roundabouts?! Nice fantasies, but can you remind us where exactly those happened?
I mean you are talking about Damascus that is in Syria? Correct?

Show us one photo of any of that please..

As for the "savage attack on celebrated Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat by regime security officials" How did you come to the conclusion that it was regime security officials who attacked him? Just one line after you say "masked men assaulted him up in his own car, then forced him into an SUV, beat him again" So you knew it was regime security officials because he is a critic, well just an update, he's been a critic for the past 8 years and lives inside Syria and nobody ever attacked him despite all his criticism, and when Saddam Hussein of Iraq as you claimed, he was living safely in Syria itself. One more info you don't know that the Syrian president Assad himself has sponsored his work before and allowed him to launch a magazine before he had legal problems with his partner & even businessmen he accused of doing wrong in his paper.

It's a NATO led propaganda exactly like the one carried in Libya by Mainstream Media, NATO Rebels and lately discovered NATO forces on ground! Check this: pravda.ru http://j.mp/nBM46N 

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