Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Professionalism of a CNN Anchor - Ms. Hala Gorani

Ms. Hala Gorani is an exceptional journalist with an extensive career & an award winner of a Syrian origin, but holds in addition French & USA citizenship. Good job Hala, you are an example to every junior journalist who wants to build his /her career in journalism; only until the events started in Syria.

Any journalist takes years of hard work to build experience and earn trust, one of the main features a journalist should have is being unbiased to avoid turning into a speaker to one side on the account of another and on the account of facts on the ground.

I don't claim to be a journalist, I never worked as a journalist, and never studied journalism, I blog what I feel, I think and see, I analyze news, I write my experience, and I just used a lot of I's in one sentence to prove that.

Ms. Gorani, it was one of your tweets that spoke your mind instead of your professionalism, it's one of the tweets that represents a one sided view of what's happening in Syria instead of reading facts on ground, you've mistaken, and the size is enormous taking in consideration the size of your career.

Can you tell us what's the difference between you now and a news editor at Al Jazeera?

Sorry dear, your innocent, caring and good looks didn't help you in this.

A Syrian girl simply asks Ms. Gorani whether she'll be quoting unverified information about Syria during Ms. Gorani's anchoring, and it's known that misinforming is more dangerous than withholding information.

This is what a Syrian girl asked Ms. Gorani:

& here's the answer of Ms. Gorani to the Syrian girl who seeks verified information from a lady anchoring an important period on a leading international news channel:

Thank you Ms. Hala for clarifying our doubts about your channel's intention, though we were sure but just for who still had doubts.


  1. Upon the shelling of Ms. Hala Gorani's Twitter account by several Syrians inquiring her reaction, Ms. Gorani deleted her tweet, but rest assure Ms. Gorani, your tweet was read by so many, and it lays in the Timeline of so many.

  2. Forgot to ask Ms. Gorani: From which ministry you are? Pentagon or US Foreign Affairs?

  3. I see you have deleted all those false accusations. But just as you have, I've saved them too!

  4. Unknown: What did you see was deleted and which false accusations?

  5. I'm sorry but I don't see her response as unprofessional. When i read the Syrian girls msg I thought it was more accusive than friendly so I think she responded rightly. Because the Syrian girls addressed the verified news but what is her source that would suggest it is not verified, that is what Hala wondered.

  6. @Anica Maybe you need to watch Ms. Gorani's anchoring pattern for some time to come to this conclusion, when contacting a vague, anonymous, unknown, biased 'eye witness' reporting from London about the situation on ground inside Syria and she takes his story in full, support it and adopt it, then when a caller presenting the other side view she doubts every word then after she finishes the interview she adds words to add more doubt because the other story doesn't come in-line with her news station policy that supports the US Foreign policy, then you can understand why the Syrian girl asked her in an accusing way, but Ms. Gorani's response was very very bad..
    Just for your info, the Syrian girl in the conversation is a teenager, check her profile, and she's not in par with Ms. Gorani who deleted her tweet when she herself realized that she made a mistake, but it was too late because we copied it as you saw above.



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