Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Comment on Washington Post Silly Hawkish Article As Usual Posted 17 July 2011

I'm afraid that Secretary of State has failed the writer of this report urging the failed opposition conference in Istanbul, Turkey yesterday to start dialogue with president Assad 'peacefully' as she said. 
A US administration official as mentioned above said: “A bunch of clowns throwing fruit did not change our position,” < isn't that a democratic peaceful way to show discontent against an ambassador of a foreign country who personally went into a demonstration against the hosting government?! How do you bank such an interference? The stupid visit of the ambassador has instead given the Assad supporters a huge push showing them who was behind the unrest in the country from the beginning, otherwise, who can explain that an ambassador of a foreign country drives 'unattended' as claimed into a crowd of people whomever those people are? Syrians have a very good memory, whenever the USA is mentioned for instance they remember the congressmen 26 ovations to israel's prime minister who blew away all rights of Palestinians including the right to return, while Syria hosts of half a million Palestinian refugee for over 60 years. That's just an example. 
Legitimacy doesn't come from a foreign country, moreover, if that country has one of the worst human rights violations throughout modern history, even its previous president and his aides were referred to be involved in crimes against humanity in a report just 2 weeks ago by HRW. A country that invades a sovereign country overseas called Iraq, previously it invaded Vietnam, Somalia, Lebanon.. etc. and in Iraq is responsible for the conflict now that resulted in the killing of over a million Iraqi yes 1 Million Iraqi, over 4 million displaced, infrastructure destroyed, keeping in mind Gitmo, Abu Gharib.. etc. such a country cannot preach other countries on human rights. 
Syria has witnessed armed groups attacking both civilians and army staff, in one instance when a few hundred well trained salafists ex-iraq combatant attacked a security post in Jisr Shoghour killing over 120 officers and mutilating their bodies, btw, ambassador Ford went with over another 70 diplomats and saw the aftermath of Jisr massacre. 
The army is not attacking civilians and in case you want evidences contact me and I'll send you hundreds of videos already on the net showing how the army acts and what they face. 
Just a reminder, that the creator of salafists groups and their ideology are non other than the beloved CIA and you have Osama and Al Qaeda as a clear example. 
Thank you

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