Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Comment on a Kansas City Journal Article in Regards With Syrian Existing Situation

What's critical in a UN Security Council Resolution? Not a single UNSC Resolution has resolved anything in the Middle East since the creation of the UN, instead all of the previous resolutions has complicated issues more than resolving anything, you have the plenty of un-implemented resolutions in the regards of the Palestinian issues whether humanitarian, materialistic, investigative, aid, stop fighting or whatever, nothing helped because one country is above the law and that country is the best ally of the US on the planet, it's called israel. Did the author of this article hear about it?

Other instances of UNSC resolutions have caused the invasion of a sovereign country called Iraq killing over a million person, displacing internally & externally over 4 million, destroying the infrastructure of the country... etc. based on lies presented to the council by one state member which even didn't get a mandate went ahead with the invasion along with another member UK..! Even before the invasion, the UNSC has imposed a siege on the country and when US Secretary of State then Albright was told that over 500,000 that's Five Hundered Thousand Children have died because of the siege she said: The Price Is Worth It.

Now back to the main issue of the article: Syria, the throne in its enemies' throats.

Does the author of this article know where is Syria? It's bordering all the following countries: Turkey, Kurdistan Iraq, Iraq, Jordan, Occupied Palestine (by israel of course) & Lebanon. I'll tell you why I mentioned this later.

Historically, Syria has an extreme depth of civilization that goes back to more than 7,000 years making it the oldest civilized country on the planet, with its name Syria and its capitol is the oldest continually inhabited city on Earth. The first Alfabet in history was created there, its people over the history has experienced all types of invaders including at a point of time during the early 1980s the mighty USA itself.

Syria, over the history, hosted almost all refugees of all conflicts from the old globe and provided safety for them making its current population a mix of all religious and non religious sects known to humanity, including & not limited to: Armenians whom fled the Ottoman Empire massacres; Caucasians fleeing Ceasarian Russian & USSR; St. Paul the baptist & his road to 'Damascus' conversion... 

Now, current situation & the article:
* Russia is selling Syria arms is like USA selling israel arms, an ally selling its ally arms, I don't see your point in that.

* "Syrian security forces have now killed more than 1,700 demonstrators..." Who told you that it was the security forces who killed those demonstrators? How about another over a 1,000 security forces and army personnels killed along? Don't tell me you didn't hear about them, it'll be a shame, but anyways, the official argument since the beginning which never changed till now is that during 'peaceful protests' armed gangs infiltrate between protesters, increase the tones and start firing from within and by snipers on nearby buildings targeting both protestors & security personnels. So many vidoes have evidenced so many cases of such.

* Here the article fails again in reading the history of Syria, confirming that if the current president who is Alawite forced from power a Sunni president would be Sunni; well far before the current president and his father's regimes Syria had a Christian president, top govt. officials are from all sects since ever and even now, the current and previous 3 Prime Ministers are Sunnis!

* Hope you won't elaborate on the concession of power from father to son in a Middle East community, USA had a father and son heads of state and neither was a good example, Husband & wife, families in power..

* The support to the resistance against israel, now mostly represented by Hizbollah you named terrorist is majorily supported by the people more than the govt. or the president's regime. The people of the area supports Hizb because it was able to stand alone against israel & the US behind it for over 34 days and it managed to cripple the israeli economy sending more than 500,000 people into shelters.. So whomever coming next in Syria would mostly support Hizb much more than the existing rulers.

* Hamas leaders were offered safe heavens in the following US Ally countries in the region: Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, UAE & anit-US Iran, so it's not only Syria would dare to host them.

* Deposing Assad would violently would send shock waves throughout the entire Middle East due to the composition of the Syrian community that is spread all over the ME especially now the events show small Taliban style statelets are popping up in small areas in different areas of Syria and being treated one after the other by the army, if the army leadership change focus, the fire might spread very wide that might erupt unrests even in Western States, initially where large communities of Muslims live and namely: France & UK.

* The visit of the US Ambassador to a restive city leading a protest against the hosting government is a mere contradiction with all diplomatic practices. Those who tossed roses onto his vehicle were not protesters as none of their features are not from the area confirming they were from his entourage. Some media houses are faking photos and news of protestors like the same visit of the US Amb to the city Hama the number of protestors was reported reaching between 500,000 to 900,000 depends on how much that news agency hates the Syrian regime, placing more than 80 persons in 10 square feet..! A city of a total population of 700,000 of both genders, all ages from infant to very old has 500,000 male protesters in a single protest!! Male protesters because Hama is the most Islamic conservative city in Syria which prevents the mingling of males and females especially in public..!

* The Russian Federation has interest in Syria, Syria has interest in Russia, don't see what that has to do with the USA?! USA cannot imply any country on who to befriend and who not to. USA befriends israel which bombed a UN School sheltering hundreds of children not once but twice in two different wars with US made bombs by US made airplanes killing 120 children the first time and over 215 the second time, and that's only an example.

The Syrian people know how to handle internal issues alone, and they don't want NATO wars rip their country in a Lybian style conflict, nor a US intervention to spread democracy in an Iraqi style or Afghanistan way of life.

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