Friday, July 15, 2011

Failed Actors Become Suddenly Intellectuals - Only in Syria

An unlicensed demonstration which blocked streets in a busy Damascus neighborhood in Midan Area was confronted by riot police whom arrested some of the rioters.

Until then it's normal news, then suddenly we find out that most of the rioters and who pushed the riot in the first place were some actors who failed to get any role in the busy time of the year period preceding the holy month of Ramadan which most famous Syrian actors would be busy filming several series each of them.

The anger of those few for being neglected by producers for their bad performances and their diving popularity stocks value made those actors abuse the unrest in some areas in Syria to gain some popularity at least within the rioters if the rest of the community rejected them, so they staged this protest, which is a very cheap method especially that some people are losing their lives by armed gangs in different areas of the nation and these actors just cared for their own interest.

They called their protest a rally by intellectuals, while non of the protesters is known for any contribution in the society in any field except being actors whom played some comic roles in their past. Those who play a role in acting do not automatically become intellectuals.

Suddenly we saw many pages one for each of the actors detained calling for the immediate release of those actors without trials. We posted our below reply and the admin of the FB page didn't like it as it doesn't call for illegal chaos, anarchy & doesn't call for the release of these detained, but their democracy and freedom does not include other people rights of speech if it's against theirs.

"يحزم الرئيس حقائبه ويمشي؟ هذا قمة السخف، ما اتفق عليه أكثر بكثير مما كان بأقصى أحلامكم، فلفوها بقى.. البلد ما عاد تتحمل فزلكاتكم، إلا إذا كنتم حابين تشوفوا سورية عم تتدمر.. إذا بتعتقدوا أنه أنتم أحرار بعمل مظاهرات كيفما كان، تعالوا على ألمانيا وجربوا.. من يخرج في مظاهرة لا يهدف إلى الإصلاح إنما فقط للخراب، وهذا عار عليكم"

Below our post before they remove it again:

As we expected our above post was removed but to our surprise it was removed within less than 15 minutes.. way to go freedom of speech, anyways, we commented again the below comment which they'll definitely remove:

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