Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Comment on USA Today On its Article Regarding Syria's Suspected Nuclear Facility

2 countries attacked a sovereign country and destroyed a building inside it, their air forces violated & bombed inside the borders of that country, those 2 countries: israel & USA instead of being held responsible for that aggression raise the voice higher to punish the country that was attacked.. Rubbish & Double Standards.

The building destroyed was suspected to be house a yet to be installed a nuclear plant.. WTF?
Collin Powell in the UN Security Council showed images of WMDs facilities in Iraq then after 8 years they still can't find those WMDs, and now a core & shell building was destroyed because they suspected that in the future it might house a nuclear facility because its building shape?!

The one who should be referred to security council is the country that has over 100 atomic bombs the smallest is bigger than the one used on Hiroshima, at least 5 nuclear facilities exist and not hiding and been running for decades in some cases out of the reach of the international atomic agency.. That country is called israel, and that's the cause of all problems in the Middle East because of stealing others' lands & expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their properties and importing settlers in their place.. That's so many crimes against humanity to be mentioned, yet instead the focus goes on a country that had a shell & core building that is suspected to host in the future a nuclear facility and which is no more since 2007..!!!!!! 

They're just stealing your money US Tax Payers.. Wake UP

The article on USA Today & our reply:

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