Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Comment on LA Times Article Explaining US Reaction to Embassy Attack

As a Syrian I would like to thank all of those who want to stop the massacres against the Syrian People, some also asked for the NATO, UN & EU to interfere, I highly support that call and urge these entities to come clean & hand over all the gangs they created, managed & supplied with weapons & communication devices to do all that killings & especially the extremists, & who usually create extremist groups and support them? Yeah, you guessed it, USA, like Al Qaeda.. Remember?

Once these entities give the details of the criminials doing the killings in Syria to the Syrian Govt., we can start a new era in the country & relations between our countries based on mutual respect not eyeing resources, promoting rogue elements & wasting billions of Hard Earned Tax Payers Dollars in crimes overseas.

Not in any constitution on this planet unlicensed protests are allowed whatever the reason is, what if those protesters were burning public and private properties, carrying swords & in many times US made automatic weapons smuggled from nearby countries?

The latest involvement Ambassador Ford did was smuggling communication & spying devices into Hama to rogue extremists to be planted near govt, army & security posts to organize anarchy from nearby Lebanon. That's not diplomacy, that's rude intereference, what happened to the embassies is heavenily in comparison.

USA: Mind Your Own Business

Link to the article & our comment on it:,0,61077.story


  1. The LA Times for some reason didn't publish the above comment, however, our reply to a moron who thought that US will now stop aid to Syria has been published:

    You can't be more ignorant, USA never sent a single Dollar in any type of aid to Syria, except that it sent over 1.2 Million Iraqi Refugees when it invaded Iraq looking for WMDs and ended up sucking the Iraqi Oil. Syria received those refugees on the account of its people.

    Over 125,000 Lebanese refugees were also sent by the continuous waves of direct invasion & aggressions by its ally israel into that tiny country.

    Over 450,000 Palestinian refugees live in Syria since 1948 & 1967 agressions into Arab lands in full cooperation with the UK, USA & France then.
    USA keeps these people living in exile on the account of Syria & its people sharing the resources with them, it keeps preventing a solution to the Middle East conflict because it favors its ally israel.

    Maybe you need to educate yourself more about the Middle East and the crimes the US Army, CIA and other agencies have committed in that area.

  2. We have re-posted the same comment on the same article once again & now it's available. Hope nothing happens to it this time.

  3. A reply to a Mr. Eric on LA Times same article who believed that a defector told a reliable story of army shooting at 'peaceful civilians':

    Mr. Eric: You bought the story of an army defector claiming they had orders to shoot peaceful protesters? Here's the real sad story if you like:

    An army of over 350,000 fighting personnel, and a total of over 200,000 between law enforcement (police, riot control, intellegince..) not mentioning civilians supporting the army has a total of less than 10 defectors is a big joke, even one of them defected twice once in Dara' as a GI and second time in Rastan as a 1st Lt (he was promoted in 25 days 5 ranks after defecting!!). Those can be called either runaways or fabricated.

    Anybody can wear a uniform, prices of uniforms and badges in Syria starts from $6.. & its sold in any community center all over Syria, plus any tailor can do one for you in a single day.

    If you think the army has used force against peaceful protesters then you are wrong, because if it did huge massacres would've occurred, see the following video & tell me who killed this unarmed uniformed riot police personnel: -

    You want H Clinton to interfere the same way US interfered in Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Libya...? Then start counting more bodies of US Forces unless you don't care about them, this region has seen enough of crimes by US Forces & already built enormous hate against USA & its allies, so don't make things worse.



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