Monday, July 11, 2011

A Comment on the Note of the US Amassador Ford Today July 11, 2011

Today the news was circulated that the US Ambassador was working as a delivery boy to deliver high tech spying devices to '3ar3ori' eggs in Hama to be planted near security & army posts in the city and around to help them in their rebel to establish the 'Islamist Emirate of Hama' under the Emir Robert Ford, if that is true Mr. Ambassador: You are Screwed, and if that is not true Mr. Ambassador the fact that you went there and met anti-government rebellion figures: You are Screwed.. 

If you see in both ways and you can say in all ways when you decided to interfere using your vast experience in destabilizing countries you were posted to, in all ways: You are Screwed. We don't know whether there's an arrangement between you and the Syrian Government and honestly we don't care, what happens on an official level doesn't mean us on the streets: We are following your support to reach anarchy but be definitely sure: Syrians are much more smarter than whom ever you dealt with before, if some followed you they'll never be more than a mob under your leadership and they don't represent the Syrian people, maybe you are good in planting devices but you are so bad in reading history. 

Read the history of Syria very well and then we can accept your apology and you can pack your stuff and go to your administration and tell the fanatic secretary of yours that you were wrong in selecting Syria to destabilize. This is not a threat at any way, we don't threat and we don't provoke violence like you do, but with our 7000 years of civilization we learned how to deal with dumb people, and you are no exception. At the end, I would like to extend our thanks to your excellency for identifying who were masterminding the chaos in Hama, those you met, be sure who ever you deal with will be tainted with conspiracy and treason. Don't fear for your life or for your staff, Syrians will protect you from those you hired when you stop their finance.

God Bless Syria

ps. try Suzuki instead of Ford as a last name, more reliable and efficient.

The Note of Ford:

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