Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Comment on the US Embassy in Syria Page

Comment posted on US embassy in Syria's facebook page in regards with its rude and unprecedented interference in our country's internal matters:

When your country stops shooting its own people especially children on your streets then you are allowed to preach other countries on how to handle armed gangs in their cities: a 13 years old boy - black boy - was shot 8 bullets today near his school because the highly trained police officers "thought he was holding a weapon in his hands"!! only thought he was holding a weapon in his hands and got shot 8 bullets 2 in the head in a direct targeting. & in Syria where police, army and security officials are killed & civilians chopped into pieces you preach the govt on how to deal with it?! STFU - This is the link to the crime against humanity & children in Chicago today in case you didn't hear of it: http://j.mp/pddJlS

The link to the embassy page http://www.facebook.com/syria.usembassy & our comments came under ستة أوهام سورية بقلم محمد الرميحي

Our Comments on the article that appeared in الشرق الأوسط under: ستة أوهام سورية بقلم محمد الرميحي:

السيد رميحي 6 ردود على أوهامك حسب ترتيبها:
1- لن تطلق العصابات النار على مسيرات مؤيدة لأنها ضد خطتها وهي تحريض الشارع على الحكم وليس العكس.
2- إذا كان الحل الأمني لا ينتصر فكيف تفسر نجاح الحل الأمني في محاربة الإرهاب في كويتكم وسعوديتكم؟
3- نتفق على تغييب الحريات ونختلف لأن بالفعل سورية غير، لأن حكامها لم يدخلوا قاعدة أميركية ثابتة أو مؤقتة داخل أرض سورية.
4- إذا كنت تعتقد أن المعارضة ليس لها لون طائفي ففسر لنا إقامة الإمارات الإسلامية في تلكلخ وجسر الشغور وقطنا حتى الآن؟ وأرجو التعليق على ما تبثه القناتان السعوديتان صفا والوصال.
5- لقد أدخلت عبارات غريبة ضمن موافقتك الغير معلنة ولكن الواضحة أن سورية ممانعة، فطبعاً لأنك سمعت على سبيل المثال بمعركة السلطان يعقوب، أقول مثلاً.. أما أن الشعب لا يرتضي التحالف مع جهة أو أخرى فلم نسمع من مجمل الشعب داخلاً وخارجاً رفض للسياسة الخارجية السورية.
6- الحجم الذي تتكلم عنه موجود فقط في الجزيرة وأخواتها وليس على الشارع ولدينا أدلة بكميات هائلة، أما القوى التي تتدخل فأيضاً لدينا أدلة على تورط 40 جهة خارجية على الأقل.
الإصلاح بدأ فلا تشوشوا عليه.

Here's the link to the article and our doubt is 99% it won't be published there as usual: http://www.aawsat.com/leader.asp?section=3&article=632785&issueno=11928


  1. We had to reply to a so called Syrian Christian on the same comment as follows:

    Syrian News: So if Syria is not a member of ICC establishment & following treaties, it's ok with you to refer Syria to UN Security Council? I would respect the laws of ICC if it investigated a single crime by israel & referring the latest to UN Security Council, then as an Arab and a Syrian, I'd respect the UN Security Council if its resolutions against israel are not vetoed 38 times when addressing israeli crimes, I'd further respect the UNSC if it could implement any of its own resolutions in regards with the Middle East major conflict which is the isareli stealing of lands, several occasions of aggression on neighboring countries, violating on daily basis the air space of a UN establishing member state Lebanon, I would highly respect the UNSC if I believe it'll bring justice to the Arabs in any case whatsoever. Referring a country to UNSC for non cooperation with ICC and then asking the UNSC to do what ICC wants by force means the use of chapter 7, I wonder if you know what that means. In case Sudan didn't accept chopping off a quarter of it, of course the rich of minerals and water quarter then it was heading to chapter 7, that's a live example for what to expect in our Syria case, that's not jumping to unrelated subjects, that's giving evidence on the subject to clarify any doubts the reader might have. Since you are saying the Saudi Initiative was agreed by the Arab Leaders that's a confirmation of its cover to Syria's recognition, 1, then the case of Arab Leaders not legitimate that brings us back to square one: it's for the Arab people to choose their leadership not for international bodies to select leaders for any country, then it would be called a commissioner and we have a 25 years of a commissioner 1920 - 1945. A bargain in exchange of peace, well yes, isn't that the ultimate goal for the people of this part of the world? now the conditions of that peace is what each party differs about. Why now? in 2 months the PA is going to UN to ask for recognition, that's a boost from one establishing member state of the UN, The 'revolution' brought a lot to the table, agree, now there's new laws in place and on the way, in addition the 'revolution' brought back to the surface criminals like the Muslim Brotherhood, we didn't forget 1980s, we lost dear ones then and from all sides, if the 'revolution' wants to revenge what happened in Hama during that period, that's understood, go for the guy who did the massacre not an entire state out of which non of its members now were in charge then, if you still don't know who is the man, I'll give u a hint, he lives a luxury life in Marbelle, Spain.. A NATO member state. If you think International Media will investigate and find out who is killing who, let me mistake u on this. International Media had its presence at the beginning of events in March and one of its pioneers in the field which is Reuters and its reporter in Syria who is expelled to Jordan now did a wonderful job and still doing, the reason he was expelled was putting words in a mouth of a wounded soldier and then cutting his testimony when airing the video, he repeated twice to the soldier that it was security forces who shot him for refusing to kill protesters & the poor wounded soldier was still conscious enough to reply in both cases that it was an armed gang & not security & the video aired later had only the words of the reporter, that's not media we want in, Al Jazeera? yeah, Al Arabiya? yeah of course, y not? Fox News? anyways. and since u mentioned stopping the bloodshed in a civilized manner, let it finish the job it started without having a foreign ambassador or two smuggle communication devices into a restive area & participate in anti-govt riots.. Then life would become a bit easier on the Syrian people on Syrian Land. my brother

  2. Seems some people are closing their minds to facts & insist on going ahead with the call of international interference in Syria, and here's one of our replies on who replied to our comment above on the same page:
    "Syria News: sorry to say but you disappointed me, badly. You have a problem with an official you go and file a complaint against that official whomever he is, was or gonna be, you don't create chaos on the streets, ask people esp. ages (10 - 17) as we see in most of the videos to riot, then ask the same 'children' to protest at army posts & army family compounds and behind them will be the beloved armed gangs who will take them as a cover just like in the Hamza Khatib case, and it's really sad you brought that example up because the analyzes presented by the State media is convincing enough if you watched it, if you insist on not watching it, pls do not criticize it. - israel is killing Palestinians is a fact, and does NOT give an excuse to any govt to oppress its people, when the people respect the boundaries of freedom, and as you might know, and I live in Germany and I do know, to protests you need to get a permission, if you don't get it you can't protest, you can do a sit-in in a place that doesn't bother others, you will provide the path that you go through, and you are Not Allowed to change the course, You will Not be allowed to attack others during your protest, You will Not be allowed to attack others cars, shops or houses, You will Not be allowed to throw stones at police & security otherwise they'll retaliate, You will Not be allowed to block streets, You will Not be allowed to attack Public Buildings & cars and torch them..! If you commit any of those during your protest even if it's licensed you will be oppressed. PA the Palestinian Authority is in control of most of the Palestinians and it never closed its offices in Syria even during the biggest clashes between the two, in Syria there are over half a million Palestinians whom many of them consider the PA as their representatives, Syria welcomed PA officials all the time, PA made a huge turn around in reconciling or trying to reconciling with HAMAS in Egypt post-Mubarak allowing it to become closer to its people & to the Syrians, recognizing Palestine State falls overwhelming in the favor of the Palestinian People more than the officials, because officials change & people remain. And take this as a history shock, in fact there's no need to recognize Palestine as a state because UN Resolution 181 talks about dividing 'Palestine' to create a state for 'Jews' so Palestine is there, I don't know what happened afterwards that made the state which seeks recognition prevents the state that was existing from being recognized, but that's the International Community again, the same community you ask to interfere in 'your country' Syria. And since you mentioned RT & Chinese media, even they are not allowed in as you say, they didn't need to create fake news to claim they don't have access to sources inside, they simply respected themselves and even Hillary Clinton warned that they are gaining recognition on the account of US media, I don't know why she had to make such a statement..! - Maybe you haven't heard about the reform steps already in place, what is presented now was in the far dreams of the patriotic opposition when they started their movement, reform process started, new party law is introduced, new media law on the way, elections on the way, and a timeline is given till end of the year, you can't wait till end of the year, don't add burdens to the people of 'your country' Syria by hurting the economy further and having more people killed, because if the regime is saying they are killed for being caught in cross fire, then don't give the regime that specific excuse, as simple as that." 1/2

  3. 2/2:
    "As for the guy living in Marbelles, Spain, you can ask the opposition abroad what's their connections with him, several meetings and a lot of coordination, it's about revenge from a sect not from those who committed the 'massacre' then, and for a reminder, those who instigated the events in Syria, esp Hama during the 80s are those same people, even persons, who are freedom and humanity rights defenders now: The Muslim Brotherhood, a lot of crimes on their hands that costs lives of a big number of civilians. Now they are redoing the same by the different Islamic Emirates they're creating: Islamic Emirate of Qatana, Islamic Emirate of Tal Kalakh, Islamic Emirate of Jisr Al Shoghour, Islamic Emirate of Banyas, Islamic Emirate of Hama, and on.. If you didn't hear of those emirates erecting, please contact people living inside that you trust."



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