Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Side of the Story On Derailed Train on MaYoMo

On 23 July 2011 between 1:00am & 3:00am near a village called Al Sodah in Homs Province, terrorists sabotaged the railway by removing some bolts & parts of the railway in anticipation of a train that passes by the area around 3:10am.

The train reached at the specific time, it's leading carriage hit the sabotaged railway part, flipped and burnt, the train was carrying 480 civilian passengers & 5 crew members, the driver burnt to death, 14 sustained injuries and the assistant driver's injury was serious. A miracle saved the passengers whereas the area targeted is at a bridge passing over a swamp and at a high voltage electricity pole, terrorists wanted mass casualties by forcing the train to collide or flip at the water & electricity combination.

Salafists linked to Al Qaeda, some Arab Gulf nations and foreign intelligence services are considered prime suspects in this terrorist act due to prior threats, calls for similar sabotage on their activity pages on the net including Facebook, similar past criminal attacks in 1980s that resulted in huge numbers of deaths among civilians.

The government yet to investigate and publish its findings.

Syria is facing unrest over since March 15, 2011 when protests started in Dara's to the south of the country near Jordanian borders demanding enhancing living conditions and were swiftly infiltrated by armed gangs believed to have entered the country from neighboring Iraq & Lebanon, their numbers are said to reach 40 to 50 thousand militia men, armed with machine guns, and provided high tech communication devices by the pan Arab Satellite channel Al Jazeera, the CIA and high possibility of israeli MOSSAD. The gangs are mostly Salafists (extremists) and couldn't fit in the society.

Total numbers of casualties among civilians exceeded 1,000 & over another 1,000 of security forces & army personnel. These extremists target protests and army troops at the same time to create chaos & incite hatred against the government in order to split Syria into 3 Islamic Emirates States loyal to the USA.

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