Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Google Changing Names of Landmarks in Syria

Out of no reason, Google, the giant internet search & Software company started naming landmarks in Syria without a reasonable justification, one of its biggest changes was renaming 'Assad Lake' to 'Syria Sea'!

As a start, it's a lake and not a sea, no clue how did they calculate the area required by the water reservoir to be promoted from a lake to a sea; then, there's the name of the area itself from 'Assad' to 'Syria'.

When the lake was formed after the building of Euphrates Damn in 1974 the new water reservoir behind the damn was called after late 'Hafez Assad' the former president of the Syrian Arab Republic and that was a common practice to refer to a construction after the person who made that happen, and over 3.5 decades and without any logical reason, Google decides the name should be changed.

There's a form that you need to fill when you find a mistake on Google Maps & Google Earth to inform Google that there's a mistake and they'll rectify it when they have the chance to, I don't know though whether they double check before correcting or labeling a landmark or they just go ahead with the change, I hope they do consult at least the nearest Syrian Embassy, or a research center.

Here what we told Google:
"Out of a sudden the biggest lake in Syria has been renamed from "Assad Lake" to "Syria Sea".
Taking in consideration all the implications when referring to the area by the people living near it, the researchers working in historical, geographical & community scholars difficulties in locating the correct address on your Map & Earth. Actually, you can compare it with something like changing Washington DC to USA DC!!"


  1. Google swapped the Lincoln Memorial for the Roosevelt Memorial when the right wing Glen Beck people were meeting at the Lincoln Memorial. Glen Beck hates Roosevelt! Google hates tyrants of all sizes. Boo hoo it caused you difficulty? Get used to it! Google hates tyranny.

  2. If Google hates tyrants of all sizes, then there was no Hitler thus no Holocaust. Boo Hoo grow up.



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