Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Comment on a foxnews Article Calling for Intervention in Syria

Amazingly funny, who else reads fox news except fox headed cocky conservatives who never fought a war but love to see blood spilled everywhere away from their homes. Wake up guys, the world has changed.

Even before it changed the great army of USA never won a war, maybe battles but then sustains terrible ever lasting bruises and life threatening damages.

Cooco heads, don't you hear the news about your own economy? Do you have the smallest idea how much does each aircraft carrier of yours cost operating per day? Imagine how many vessels accompany each aircraft carrier!! That's enough damaging your economy to the point you can't borrow anymore.. Wake up. 

Let's consider you get into war directly, you have any idea how many bases will be 'zeroed' in the Gulf, imagine the number of losses in lives, oh sorry, I almost forgot, you never fought a war, you like to watch the video games that you can control the end, well try this: control the end in Afghanistan & Iraq as a start after you count your real losses in lives and the damage you left behind.

Now back to Syria. Ask anybody and they'll tell you Syria is different, there's a reason behind that, Air control doesn't win you a war, it gives support to your troops on the ground, and we saw how the entire israeli air-force could do nothing except destroy buildings and mostly civilian buildings during a 34 days aggression on Lebanon in July 2006, then failing all their goals and the party of 20k members win. Google 'Sultan Yaqoob Tank Battle' which happened during the israeli aggression on Lebanon during the 1982 invasion of the extremely powerless country, and see how israel lost 160 US & israeli made tanks in one day in a fight against Syrian tanks while the Syrians lost 2 soldiers..! That's a battle and a war.

If you didn't hear take this news from the Syrian side of the borders with Turkey: Turkey moved a brigade towards its southern borders to try to invade and take control of some Syrian territories, to their surprise they woke up counting between 300 & 400 Syrian tanks in the area out of nowhere, so they changed their minds and freaked out.. that's a battle and a war, deploying hundreds of fighting tanks in no time and out of nowhere is strategy that you can't match with your air superiority, add to it, Syria never used its air-force since 1986 when it upgraded its entire fleet after fighting the US & israel in the biggest air battle in history when it lost 86 planes, that is now past, during 2006 israeli aggression on Lebanon when they wanted to move some tanks to the north, towards Syrian borders they got a message from Syria that it would enter the war so they backed off.. 

Write whatever you want and feel it might please you and your readers in a hawkish system, but the fact on ground is totally different than your dreams. Syria was next after Iraq.. even Collin Powell visited Syria to deliver the surrender conditions, I wonder what changed his mind and Bush the small then!

Back to your article: Nobody confirmed that it was Syrian govt troops that killed the protesters, even Hillary Clinton confirmed the existence of armed groups in Syria, for your info, those armed groups count between 40 & 50 thousand well trained well experience militia men who served in Iraq & Afghanistan fighting US Troops.

The neighboring country Turkey that denounced the slaughter by Syria seems have started to change its mind recently.

For your info, even if the current regime in Syria falls, the one coming in its place would be more hawkish against USA & its baby israel, and not how you prescribe it: israel & US.. USA should come first in your interest if you are really American.

The west is incapable of doing anything right now in Syria, so save your efforts, Greece is begging for money, Spain on the way, Portugal already begged for money, Turkey will beg for money if it starts moving its army, Syria is Turkey's only gate towards the south, USA is hitting a tremendous debt ceiling and cannot support its own people welfare.. so stop laughing at yourselves and making people laugh at you. Your failure in Libya is extremely shameful for the combined powers of all NATO.

In Iraq there's a govt that listens to Iran more than the USA, in Afghanistan your puppet local govt is losing its individuals one by another and losing control of the country. You are way too sunk in your own problems to start another fight anywhere else. Wake UP

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