Sunday, January 7, 2024

Lebanese Hezb Allah Bombs Israeli Major Spy and Command Army Base

This is the first part of the retaliation for the Israeli murder of the top Palestinian Commander Saleh Al-Arouri, the statement by Hezb Allah (Hezbollah), the world's strongest non-government armed group, said after it bombed one of the two Israel's major spy, command, control, and electronics base in northern Palestine.

It was expected, the target had to be carefully selected, I called it a deadly mistake, everybody monitoring knew the retaliation for the Israeli assassination of Hamas's 2nd in command and main negotiator in the southern suburb of Beirut crossed more than one red line set by Hezb Allah's chief.

Israel managed, somehow, to pinpoint an office within a building in a dense residential district in another country 90 kilometers far from its borders and assassinated its target with 6 of his companions but could not find a single Hamas fighter in Gaza and has to level down entire suburbs for that purpose!

The US's 'unsinkable aircraft carrier' committed its crime in the Lebanese capital and started receiving the response, it has one of two options:

  1. Get bombed until Hezb Allah says they have concluded the retaliation.
  2. Escalate by retaliating in kind and drag the whole region to the war the Israelis need the US-led NATO to fight on their behalf.

The second option is inevitable because Hezb Allah chief vowed to respond to any Israeli further escalation with an unlimited war.

Keep in mind that this is Hezb Allah's retaliation against the Israeli assassination of the Hamas politburo deputy head Al-Arouri, it has nothing to do with the retaliations by Iran, Yemen, and Syria for the war crimes Israel committed against each of them, especially recently, and there are the Palestinian fighters who also vowed to avenge the killing of their commander.

Details about the targeted Israeli base and the operation by Hezb Allah in my report to Syria News: Hezb Allah Retaliates: Israeli Top Spy Base Bombed with Missiles.

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