Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Israel Gone Mad Assassinates Deputy Head of Hamas Politburo in Beirut, Lebanon

In yet another dangerous escalation within 8 days after Israel assassinated the military attache at the Iranian embassy in Damascus Brigadier Seyed Razi Mousavi, Israel assassinated the deputy head of Hamas Politburo Saleh Al-Arouri in Beirut by a drone bombing in the evening of Tuesday 02 January 2024.

Israel Commits A Deadly Mistake Assassinating Saleh Al-Arouri

The assassination added to the previous one also comes on the 4th anniversary of the murder of Iranian most revered Army General and head of the Al Quds Brigade in the IRGC in Baghdad, Iraq by Trump when the Iranian officer was on a peace mission invited by the prime minister of Iraq.

Saleh Al-Arouri was also the chief negotiator in the ongoing Israel holocaust of Gaza regarding the exchange of the Israeli prisoners in Gaza with the Palestinians kidnap by Israeli forces.

This war crime crosses more than one red line and will have severe consequences on Israel, its officials, and even its direct sponsors.

It first targeted a political official and top negotiator, this means in reciprocal order, Israeli political officials are now legitimate targets for retaliation. The assassination was in another country, opening the opportunity for retaliation against Israeli politicians in any country they visit, not limited to occupied Palestine.

The third red line which is the critical one, Hezb Allah chief warned Israel upon previous threats by Israeli officials that any targeting of any Palestinian official on Lebanese territories will be responded to in kind. So not only Hamas will retaliate to this assassination, but Hezb Allah will also be looking for an Israeli minister or top politician to take out.

Israel assassinated a leader at the level of its prime minister Netanyahu; this will not end well.

Let's not forget that Iran has yet to retaliate for the Israeli murder of their military attache in their embassy in Damascus and the bigger retaliation for Qasim Soleimani which Israel played a big role in his murder.

The West Bank is now on fire, Al-Arouri is from the Palestinian West Bank and his people are on rage, the last thing that the Israeli terrorist regime wanted to happen.

Killing leaders of a just cause defending their country will only breed more determination to end the occupation, Israel has committed an endless number of heinous crimes against the Semite people in the Levant ever since its inception early last century when terrorism was introduced to the region by the early anti-Jewish Zionist settlers, it continues through today and will end soon.

More about this latest Israeli cross-border terrorism in my report for Syria News: Israel Commits A Deadly Mistake Assassinating Saleh Al-Arouri.

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