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Pentagon's ISIS Ambush Syrian Police Patrol Near Daraa Murdering Regional CID Director

Remnants of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists ambushed a Syrian police patrol in the northern countryside of the southern province of Daraa murdering a city's director of criminal investigation and injuring 4 policemen.

Pentagon's ISIS Ambush Syrian Police Patrol near Daraa Murdering Regional CID Director

On duty Syrian police patrol was ambushed by a group of masked armed men near the city of Izraa on the Damascus - Daraa highway opening fire on their vehicle and then fleeing the site.

Syrian Police Honorary Major Muntajab Mohsen Al-Baribdani succumbed to his wounds, apparently, he was the target of the terrorist attack, and the four policemen accompanying him in the patrol sustained different wounds and all were rushed to the National Hospital in Daraa.

The police officer was the director of the CID in the city of Izraa located near the highway in the northern countryside of Daraa.

Local sources and security analysts linked the terrorist attack to the US-sponsored ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) terrorists, in all of its details and taking into consideration the previous activities by the terrorist organization which uses the 55 square kilometer security perimeter provided by the illegal US Army base in Al Tanf as their hideout.

ISIS, and other terrorist groups operating in Syria resort, in addition to terrorism, human and organ trafficking, to drug trafficking, especially to their established clients in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulfies. The Syrian security agents including the local police have been very disruptive to their income line busting their dens and seizing large quantities of all sorts of drugs.

This is just one in the series of terrorist attacks carried out by the various groups that were founded and funded by the CIA and have been revived by the Pentagon fulfilling the US's war ministry's earlier threat.

More about this latest ISIS terrorist attack in this report: The Pentagon Unleashes ISIS in Syria, Ambushes and Massacres.

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