Saturday, April 8, 2023

Syrian Army Eliminates Uighur Turkestan Islamist Terrorist Group

The Syrian Arab Army units in northwestern Idlib and Latakia countryside repelled two terrorist attacks by two groups of Al Qaeda killing and injuring scores of the attackers.

Syrian Army Eliminates Uighur Turkistan Islamist Terrorist Group

One of the attacking groups belongs to the so-called Nusra Front aka HTS aka Al Qaeda Levant, and the other belongs to the so-called Turkistan Islamist Party, a party of core terrorists from the Chinese Uighur and other Central Asian countries who came to Syria to act as the Syrian opposition to spread US-sponsored democracy and free speech!

At least one of the killed terrorists was identified, he used to be called Abu Qatada (featured image), a commander in the Turkistan Islamist Party, obviously not Syrian and not even from any country near Syria.

Local sources, the Syrian Ministry of Defense, and the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the news of the attacks and the casualties inflicted among the attacking terrorists by the Syrian Arab Army units who shared the picture of the killed terrorist with other photos of his gears (found in the linked article below).

Syrian analysts linked the twin terrorist attacks to the bombing of northern Israel - occupied Palestine hours earlier as it is a custom throughout the past 12 years that whenever one of those two, ie Israel and al Qaeda, is attacked, the other one carried out an attack on Syria.

If you're a tourist and want to travel over one border of the countries in Central Asia armed with your valid passport, some pocket money, and one baggage, you'll be worn out of the checkups, inspections, interrogations, and delays. How do thousands of men heavily armed, military-aged and military-fit, with no knowledge of Arabic or English, travel easily across the borders of several countries, some of which are NATO or NATO allies to reach Syria and who arms and finance them and how come they're not stopped by any security agency in any of those countries and they're even behaving in the countries en route to Syria? Think about it.

More in this report: Al Qaeda Avenging Bombing of Israel, Attack the Syrian Army.

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