Friday, April 7, 2023

Israel Bombed with Dozens of Missiles from Lebanon

A barrage of missiles showered northern Israel - occupied Palestine targeting 10 sites, as per some reports, and nobody claimed responsibility, yet.

Somebody Fired 35 Missiles from Lebanon into Northern ‘Israel’

Two waves of missiles comprising 35, 60, or 100 depending on the source, caused only material damage, if you'd like to believe the Israelis, they never admit their casualties unless they can't hide it, like the US Army.

The axis of evil, the US-led NATO Plus camp including NATO member states, Israel, the European Union, some of the Gulfies, Australia, al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists have escalated their terrorist attacks against the people of the Levant after their humiliating defeat in their war against Russia using Ukraine.

One of the most heinous attacks was against the worshippers in Islam's second most sacred al Aqsa Mosque in al Quds - Jerusalem, in addition to the repeated bombing of Syria, the attacks against the Syrian Army posts in the north by al Qaeda and the massacres of farmers in the Syrian desert; all happening in the past couple of months.

The bombing of northern Israel - occupied Palestine could be by any party unless someone claims responsibility, it would be difficult to ascertain who was behind it despite the usual Israeli accusations of the Lebanese Hezb Allah resistance movement.

More in this report: Somebody Fired 35 Missiles from Lebanon into Northern ‘Israel’.

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