Monday, April 10, 2023

Combined NATO Proxy Terrorists Coordinated Attack on Syria

Israel from the south bombing five Syrian provinces and Al Qaeda in the north attacking three Syrian provinces, the US army illegally occupying parts of eastern Syria with the help of the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, and NATO member state Turkey occupying parts of northern Syria and cuts the Euphrates water flowing into Syria and Iraq, what do you want more evidence of the 'defensive' nature of NATO?

Over the course of yesterday night and early morning, Al Qaeda terrorists continued their attacks against the Syrian Arab Army posts in northern Latakia, southern Idlib, and western Aleppo countryside.

The al Qaeda attacks weren't successful and heavy losses were inflicted on the attackers who are expected to throw more of their suicide terrorists in more human waves against the Syrian army defending the liberated villages in these provinces.

Al Qaeda acts on the orders of the Turkish madman Erdogan, NATO's second-strongest leader, whose frustration with President Assad's refusal to help him in his coming Turkish presidential elections in May is translated into his proxy attacks.

In the south, nobody knows who fired three primitive sporadic missiles into open areas in the Syrian Golan occupied by Israel, an incident which Israel claims to justify its bombing of Syrian Army posts in 'self-defense' which in turn is a right Israel isn't entitled to be as it is illegally occupying the Syrian Golan and has already bombed Syria over 300 times during the past decade helping Al Qaeda and ISIS, in other words, Syria has a 300 times bombing Israel back score to settle before Israel claims any fake 'self-defense' right.

For details of the escalation and clashes yesterday between Syria and NATO proxy armies: NATO Proxy Forces: al Qaeda and Israel Attack 8 Syrian Provinces.

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