Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Biden Forces Stealing Occupying Gas Field Bombed by the Syrian Resistance

Biden forces illegally occupying Syria's largest gas field got bombed with rockets fired by the Syrian Resistance in retaliation to a previous Israeli bombing of Syria.

Biden Forces Stealing Occupying Gas Field Bombed by the Syrian Resistance

Thugs, oil and wheat thieves, and terrorist-sponsoring Biden forces illegally operating in Syria received a barrage of rockets in their base at the Syrian Conoco Gas Field in the northeastern Syrian province of Deir Ezzor.

Local sources confirmed direct hits at the bomb, the failure of the base's air defense to shoot down the incoming rockets, and columns of fire and smoke rising from the base after hearing loud sounds of explosions, they couldn't confirm the number of casualties among the US Army of oil thieves.

A statement issued by the US CENTCOM from their headquarters in Florida admitted they were bombed, and claimed no casualties from rocket explosions, as usual, the US soldiers don't get harmed by rocket explosions except soon after they start developing fatal headaches!

Syrian Resistance, a group of Syrian volunteers and allied forces, vowed to bomb the US forces in Syria each time Israel bombs Syria, this was one of those times.

Analysts say there are at least two more times Israel bombed Syria in the past three weeks which are not avenged yet, so the US forces must remain on high alert.

The blackout imposed on the perimeter of the gas field by the US Army and its Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists made it near impossible to count their casualties, such things might be known either from the targeted sites or from US veteran records.

More in this report: Syrian Resistance Bomb Illegal US Army Base in Conoco Gas Field.

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